Our commitment to Reforest'Action for the forests

In 2022, Qiriness is committed to the Reforest'Action association, to plant 2000 trees in Brazil in the state of Rondônia, the most affected by deforestation in Amazonia.

With 4 million trees disappearing every year, the Amazon, one of the three largest primary forests in the world, is also one of the most affected by deforestation. The cause: industrial agriculture, which generates two thirds of the deforestation.

  The impact of our project on the Amazonian forest and its inhabitants:

✔ 300 tons of CO2 stored
✔ 6 000 animal shelters created
✔ 8 000 months of oxygen generated or 667 years
✔ 2 000 work hours created or 286 days.

Our participation in World Clean Up Day!

On the occasion of the World Clean Up Day 2021, the Qiriness team participated in a big litter cleanup on the banks of the Seine, close to its headquarters. This essential operation involved the whole Qiriness team who rolled up their sleeves to execute this great cleaning.

A beautiful operation carried out with the Association Le Printemps Putéolien with concrete results:

✔ 23kg of waste were collected in 1 hour

✔ of waste were collected in 1 hour Hundreds of cigarette butts, plastic in all its states, dozens of bottles, cans and caps...

✔ But also some unprecedented: a fishing net, a security banner, a broom...

Our solidarity commitments in the form of donations

We are proud to be able to support various associations in favor of people in need or ill, through regular donations of face and body products.

In this way, we have supported the “Agence du don et Nature”. This association helps the underprivileged by collecting and redistributing new non-food products. We have also helped the association “Agir pour la santé des femmes”, which is committed to combating the precariousness of women by giving them access to hygiene kits.

We also regularly help associations committed to disadvantaged children, those in precarious situations or those who are ill, such as ”Prométhée Humanitaire and Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, in order to help all the children of the world.

We have also brought some comfort to hospitals in Paris and in Eastern France during the health crisis by offering hand care products. Intended to relieve as much as possible the caregivers on the front line but also some patients who had no more access to certain activities, we hope to have put a little balm in the heart of the people who received them.

The Qiriness team is mobilizing against breast cancer!

Qiriness is also committed to taking care of women.

It was therefore perfectly logical for us to commit ourselves to the fight against breast cancer by participating in the Odyssea race.

It is quite natural that the Qiriness team mobilized to participate in a 5km solidarity walk in Vincennes on October 2nd, 2021.

More than 20,000 participants were gathered in favor of this great cause, and it is with great pleasure that we will participate again in 2022!

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