Products enriched with natural active ingredients

The textures of our products are as sensorial and innovative as their formulas are effective and efficient. Their secret? Focusing on naturality! In fact, Qiriness draws its inspiration from the heart of nature. With the desire to offer products that are always safer, both for the consumer and the environment, we have established a Naturality Charter to which the majority of our products, and eventually the entire range, adhere.

Our skincare products tend to contain an average of 95% ingredients of natural origin, in compliance with the ISO 16128 standard. When no equivalent natural alternative exists, we use synthetic ingredients, strictly selected, to guarantee safety and pleasure of use.

Sustainable sourcing of ingredients

Our desire to offer products enriched with ingredients of natural origin goes much further. We are committed to sustainable sourcing of the ingredients used in our products.

The Cocoa beans in our EOS Complex are sourced and supplied by a UTZ certified company.

 The Maple bark for our Elixir Regard Eclat is processed by a certified Quebec cooperative specializing in the eco-valorization of forest biomass.

The Daphne flower active ingredient in our Temps Sublime line is obtained from the flower's stem cells to preserve biodiversity.

Eco-designed packaging

We do not want the composition of our products to be our only concern. Therefore, in order to reduce our environmental impact, we have decided to design outer boxes in recyclable cardboard from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.

We have also eliminated the leaflets and printed all the additional information for the correct use of the products directly on the inside of the outer boxes.

Qiriness goes further for the planet...

In 2022, we decided to reinforce our commitment to the planet by partnering with Reforest'Action to replant 2000 trees in one of the most vulnerable regions of the world: the Amazon rainforest.

This way, we are helping to generate more oxygen, create shelter for animals, develop employability and much more...

Our next projects towards more commitment

In 2022, we are finalizing the reformulation of all of our women's skincare products, and committing to more eco-design.

In the longer term, we want to rethink our primary packaging in order to use only eco-designed packaging, made from recycled materials and also recyclable... Reducing the weight of our inner packaging is also part of our projects, both to limit our material consumption and to reduce the weight sent in our logistics flows.

We are also working on the zero-waste axis. This change will take more time, as it is less obvious for skincare products than for other product categories. But it is clearly part of our global reflection on eco-responsibility at Qiriness.

Discover our adventures towards more eco-responsibility in preview!