The Qocoon Body range helps the body to repair itself and maintain its hydration throughout the day thanks to its plant ingredients. Stronger against the aggressions of daily life, it regains all its firmness to better cope with body markings.


Moisturizing is the essential step of any beauty routine, regardless of the season. Whether skin is dry or not, maintaining its level of hydration is in fact indispensable to its healthy condition. This beauty routine provides the hydrolipidic film with the water skin needs to function efficiently. As such, the moisturizing routine can perform one of its main functions: retaining water at the heart of the skin and maintaining skin hydration.


Its soft fragrance and creamy texture make this body cream a true comfort for dehydrated, dry or skin lacking tonicity. Summer and winter alike, the cream comes to the rescue of tight skin, soothing and softening it, and calming irritations or razor burn. Moreover, without any greasy effect, this body care allows for one to dress immediately morning and evening! 

With its unctuous and light texture, this ultra-repairing and multi-action cream hydrates and nourishes intensely the hands, even the driest and most damaged. Enriched with natural active ingredients, it repairs damaged skin, reduces blemishes, acts as an anti-aggression shield and even strengthens nails.


Qiriness is committed to informing you on a daily basis, in complete transparency, about our choices, our approach and the composition of our products.

At least 94% of ingredients of natural origin in Le Body Wrap Hydra Relax and at least 96% in Caresse Mains Velours.

So, are you hooked?