If you are at least sixteen years old and hold a customer account for your purchases, you benefit from the Qiriness Privilège loyalty program which allows you to accumulate gift points when you make a purchase on the qiriness.com website. From 15.09.2020, an amount equal to ten percent of the price (excluding shipping costs) of each product paid on qiriness.com is credited in the form of gift points of one euro that can be used for two years to reduce the price of your next purchases (excluding shipping costs) on www.qiriness.com. For example, for every one hundred euros of purchase (excluding shipping) on 01.09.2020, you earn ten points and can get ten euros off (excluding shipping) until September 1, 2022. If the price of your purchase is higher, you will pay the top-up and if it is lower, you will keep the balance of unused points until the two-year validity period has expired; in all cases, you will pay the shipping costs. Points acquired before 15.09.2020 will retain their value without changing their expiry date. To find out the future evolution of the acquisition or use value of the point, regularly consult the "Qiriness Privilège" section of the site. If a purchase is subject to a valid cancellation or withdrawal, the corresponding number of points is automatically deducted from your customer account. The value of the gift points can be cumulated with other price reductions. No reimbursement of gift points is granted. You can consult the balance of your loyalty points from your account, by going to the section "My loyalty points". If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Qiriness Customer Service by email. Qiriness may terminate or modify the loyalty program in the future and will inform you by email at least ten months in advance to allow you to complete or use the balance of your points. The Reward Program is only available to consumers shopping at qiriness.com for private use. The benefit of the points and gift vouchers is personal and can't be transferred under any circumstances.