What is my skin type

What is my skin type

Before selecting a beauty routine for the face, it is important to know your skin type. Normal, dry, combination or even oily skin, each one has particular needs that will need to be met with adapted care. You don't know what your skin type is? We can help you decipher the characteristics of your skin to find the right products with our skin diagnosis! And at the end, discover your selection of customized facial care products.

The importance of choosing a beauty routine adapted to your needs to sublimate your skin

When you know your skin type and its particularities (tendency to be sensitive or weakened or dehydrated etc), you will be able to choose with precision the products of your routine to respect it and preserve all its beauty! Scrubs, masks, serums, creams, it's up to you to compose the care ritual that will accompany you every day. Qiriness develops skincare products to meet the different skin types and their specific needs, and also takes care of sensitive and reactive skin with skin-friendly products.

The characteristics of normal skin

Normal skin is the easiest to live with on a daily basis. It can be defined as the perfect and ideal skin due to the fact that it has no particular defect. It is soft, smooth, neither dry nor oily. If your skin is evenly textured, without dilated pores and without imperfections most of the time, you probably have normal skin. So, you can afford to use skincare products that are suitable for all skin types without worrying too much about it reacting negatively.

What are the signs of dehydrated skin

Your skin may tend to become dehydrated. While this is not a skin type but more of a temporary condition, dehydration is something to be taken seriously so as not to alter your beauty in the long run. This skin condition does not only concern dry skin, oily skin can also be dehydrated. You can have combination or oily skin that pulls due to lack of water. In fact, dehydrated skin that is not taken care of can quickly become tight, lack suppleness or mark fine lines and wrinkles more easily. To maintain a healthy and radiant skin and fight against the causes of dehydration, it is therefore advisable to perfectly moisturize your thirsty skin with plumping care.

How to know if you have dry skin

Dry skin is mainly characterized by tight, itchy, rough and dull skin. It also has low elasticity. It is a skin that does not produce enough oil. If it does not receive care adapted to its needs, it can then suffer from light desquamations, present a rough and spotted aspect (sometimes due to premature ageing), and itch. To pamper it, we opt for face and body care products with rich, enveloping textures and nourishing and repairing active ingredients. Thus, we offer her all the comfort she deserves!

What are the differences between combination and oily skin?

Mixed skin should not be confused with oily skin! As the name suggests, combination skin represents a mixture of two skin types. Typically, the dry area encompasses the cheeks and temples, while the oily area is summed up in the famous T-zone: the forehead, nose and chin. The term "oily skin" is used to describe a type of skin with increased sebum production, known as "seborrhea". The skin is oily and shiny - especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) - and it becomes the breeding ground for pimples, blackheads and all sorts of impurities that clog pores and suffocate the skin.

Targeted facials based on skin type

Masks for combination and oily skin

Some skincare products may be dedicated to combination skin or oily skin but sometimes compatible with combination to oily skin depending on their composition. This is notably the case with Qiriness purifying and matifying masks such as Le Wrap Terre d'Orient and Wrap Purifiant, which provide an answer to all skin with excess sebum and imperfections such as pimples or blackheads. Developed to meet the specific expectations of these particular skins, they purify and matify while tightening the pores. These masks should be used once or twice a week in addition to daily purifying care in the form of serum and/or day cream. A steam bath session is also recommended regularly for combination to oily skin to free it from accumulated impurities and decongest pores.

What products for dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin will need a good daily moisturizing bath to maintain optimal water levels in the heart of the epidermis. The Source d'Eau range by Qiriness is the most suitable for them. Composed of a serum and a moisturizing cream, it rebalances the skin in water, improves its suppleness, its tone and its brightness. It has everything! And to boost its effectiveness, use a complementary care for your thirsty skin like a S.O.S dehydrated skin mask once or twice a week during the day or at bedtime.

Taking care of dry skin: from cleansing to moisturizing

Finally, dry skin, too, needs its very own beauty routine. In addition to needing gentle cleansing with comforting skin care products, they only ask to be pampered with cocooning formulas. For the cleansing stage, turn to our Exquise skincare line (Exquisite Milk Fluid and Exquisite Lotion), dedicated to these skins in search of comfort. And for your daily skincare essentials, discover our Caresse Temps Sublime Riche day cream that will give your dry skin a big hug.

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