What face mask to choose according to your skin type?

What face mask to choose according to your skin type?

Taking time for yourself to enjoy a beauty mask, don’t you wish! Why not take advantage of the holiday season to treat yourself to a relaxing and cocooning break with a face mask? A real beauty ally, a face mask provides all the benefits your skin needs, in depth. To help you choose the right face mask for your skin type, we zoom in on our collection of face masks, tissue or cream. The essential moisturizing, purifying, radiance or anti-aging indispensable to your beauty routine, to associate with the Qiriness Home Spa treatment for a 3 or 4 step routine and optimal results.

Moisturizing masks to replump and restore skin's suppleness

Whatever your skin type (dry, oily, combination) or age, your epidermis needs water to avoid dehydration. Depending on the season and period of your life, the epidermis ensures its barrier function more or less effectively but it can be subject to discomfort. To rediscover radiance and suppleness, there's nothing like a moisturizing Wrap facial mask! Based on the wrapping technique used in beauty salons, our different types of face masks, cream or tissue, meet the specific needs of skin lacking in hydration, comfort and luminosity. How should I use my moisturizing tissue mask and how often? The answer is simple! After cleansing your face or after a 3-step Home Spa treatment, apply your single-dose moisturizing mask and leave it on for at least ten minutes. Repeat once or twice a week, focusing on evenings and weekends, the best moments to take time for yourself.

The purifying mask, the ally of combination to oily skin

Does your skin shine especially on the T-zone? Do you notice the presence of clogged pores and small blackheads? These signs reveal oily skin, the result of excessive sebum secretion. To gently cleanse and purify congested skin, choose a face mask that detoxifies the skin and unclogs pores. At Qiriness, three types of purifying face masks offer you the detox action that combination to oily skin requires: a duo of Purifying Patches for the nose, Le Terre d'Orient Thermo-Purifying Wrap with a rebalancing and detoxifying action, and a tissue mask, Le Wrap Purifiant, purifying mask, for a cleansing, regulating and soothing effect.

Firming and replumping masks for mature skin

To restore your mature skin's radiance and youthfulness, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and redefine the oval of your face, don't hesitate to add a firming mask or replumping mask to your beauty routine. Rich in Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, this anti-oxidant and lifting facial treatment acts in depth on the skin's lack of vitality to rediscover a visibly younger complexion in an instant. Our selection: the Wrap Temps Sublime, Lustrous Rejuvenating Mask, with an ultra-sensory golden texture to reveal the beauty of the skin from 50 years+.

Recover perfect skin with face masks

Rediscover perfect skin despite a hectic lifestyle, pollution, stress and temperature variations. That's what our radiance and energy face mask Le Wrap Vitaminé and our Wrap Éclat single-dose tissue face mask offer you, with their revitalizing and radiance-boosting actions. True beauty partners for dull and tired skin, these face care products, full of natural ingredients, are distinguished by their energizing and illuminating effects. A must-have for a beauty routine that focuses on radiance and vitality, they are suitable for all skin types.

Tissue masks vs. cream masks: things to know

The cream face mask and the tissue face mask pursue the same goals: skin hydration, radiance, matity, etc. Yet their use in your beauty routine differs depending on whether the goal is immediate or long-term. Tissue masks or cream masks: here are the things to know.

Tissue face masks for an immediate effect

To give your skin an express boost, Qiriness has developed a collection of four single-dose tissue face masks. Each one provides a targeted response based on your skin type. Their effect is immediate thanks to their concentrated power. Penetration of the active ingredients is optimized. Your skin is charged with active ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Among our single-dose quick-effect masks, the Wrap Hyal-Aqua, our moisturizing mask made of biodegradable tissue can be used once or twice a week instead of your usual serum. Its concentrated formula is perfectly adapted to thirsty skin.

For an express boost to the eyes, discover the Wrap Yeux Hyal-Eclat eye mask presented in the form of hydrogel patches. Imbibed with a powerful serum enriched with natural active ingredients, this beauty care product with decongesting and draining properties soothes and moisturizes the eye contour. Puffiness and dark circles fade away. The features are smoothed out. The eyes are illuminated.

Cream face masks for long-term effects

Want to take care of your skin and are you looking for long-term effects? Don't hesitate to adopt our cream masks, in tubes. They are applied in addition to your daily beauty routine and require only 10-minutes. Depending on your skin type, you can choose:

  • Le Wrap d’Eau, a moisturizing face cream mask designed as an oasis of freshness dedicated to thirsty skin, mistreated by extreme conditions.
  • Le Wrap Terre d'Orient, a thermo-purifying beauty mask based on the action of a trio of clays and volcanic stone, designed for combination to oily skin.
  • Le Wrap Vitaminé, a melting and moisturizing face mask instantly bringing radiance and vitality to dull and tired skin.
  • Le Wrap Temps Sublime, a replumping and firming anti-aging face mask designed to reveal the youthfulness of mature skin.

Include cream and tissue masks into your Home Spa moments

To optimize the action of our face masks, we have developed a Home Spa treatment that prepares the skin in three steps. Just like in a beauty salon, your Home Spa Kit includes three highlights.

  • Step 1: a scrub to free the skin of impurities.
  • Step 2: a steam bath to gently and deeply cleanse the skin.
  • Step 3: a face mask for the final touch to your beauty routine.

A true moment of comfort and relaxation, this treatment can be repeated once or twice a week.

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