What are the best gestures to protect your skin when skiing or in the mountains?

What are the best gestures to protect your skin when skiing or in the mountains?

The winter vacations are approaching fast! Here's to ski slopes and snowshoeing. To enjoy the snow and sun in the mountains without paying the price, you must think about protecting your skin from the cold and UV damage. What nourishing care should you include in your beauty routine to prevent dry skin problems? How to choose your winter skincare products to avoid dry hands? Before you head off to the snowy slopes, we’ll share with you our winter beauty tips to protect your skin while skiing or on the mountain.

Well-moisturized and protected skin before you leave

Soon, the mountains and skiing! The impatience to be in the snow should not make you forget the fundamental precautions: protect your skin from the cold, but also anticipate the dangers of the sun in high altitude. To put all the chances on your side, why not opt for a moisturizing treatment before your winter vacation? A moisturizing facial care, a mask rich in moisturizing, nourishing and protective active ingredients, and a rich, repairing hand cream will be amongst the winter care products to choose. To prepare your skin for the cold and sun in the mountains, we have a winter beauty tip to incorporate into your beauty routine: drink water throughout the day to prevent dry skin problems. 1, 5 liters of water each day are recommended to properly hydrate your body, but consumption should be increased when exercising.

Don't forget your sun protection on the slopes

Finally, the winter vacation is here! The mountains are at your feet. The ski slopes are just waiting for you! Before you hit the snowy slopes, you still need to take a few minutes to protect your skin from the cold. For your special snow and sun beauty routine, you should prepare a micellar water or a comforting cleansing milk, a duo of daily cares, serum + cream, because in this context you should not skip the serum which will act as an undergarment to protect your skin from the cold, and finally a nourishing care for the eye and lip contour. Of course, don't forget your sun protection to counter the dangers of the sun in the mountains. Our winter beauty tip to avoid dry skin on the ski slopes? Apply sun protection with SPF 50 on your face, ears and neck. Don't hesitate to protect sensitive areas, such as the nose, lips and eye contour, with a targeted face care product such as a sun stick. Reapply every two hours to avoid sunburn.

A moment of happiness just for you after a day in the mountains

After braving the mountains and the cold, there's nothing better than a Spa moment. Does the idea appeal to you? To offer you this well-deserved moment of relaxation, we go into a cocooning mode by starting with a relaxing bath when you return from your crazy days on the ski slopes. This gentle break is the ideal opportunity to take care of yourself. Skin cleansing, mask, night cream: think hydration and softness. To combat dry skin, choose highly concentrated winter and sun care products, such as Qiriness Caresse Après-Soleil, soothing after-sun lotion, or Wrap Après-Soleil, refreshing soothing after-sun mask. Pay special attention to the eye and lip areas, and don't forget to apply a cream for dry hands.

Our selection of skincare for the extreme cold

Intensely moisturizing hand cream, moisturizing face mask, relaxing bath, moisturizing body care... What beauty routine should you adopt to protect your skin from the cold and sun in the mountains? Here is our selection of cares for the extreme cold.

Well moisturized hands

Generally speaking, in winter, and especially in the mountains, dry hands are a real worry. To give your hands all the hydration they deserve, choose a treatment with targeted active ingredients. Qiriness Caresse Mains Velours, moisturizing hand cream, protects against the ravages of time and the environment. This intensely moisturizing and nourishing treatment combats dry hands, fights brown spots and strengthens nails.

For dry to very dry hands, here's our winter beauty tip: the Wrap Mains Hydra-Repair, soft & smooth hand mask. These care gloves contain a creamy formula enriched with natural active ingredients and offer you all the benefits of a spa treatment at home. Used once a week, this Wrap with Sweet Almond and Macadamia nut oil nourishes, smoothes and protects your hands and cuticles.

A well-moisturized face in winter

During the cold of winter, the priority of your beauty routine is to provide protection and hydration to your skin. Among winter face care products, opt for nourishing and concentrated formulas. Caresse Source d'Eau moisturizing cream is particularly well-suited to protect your skin from the cold and extreme conditions of the mountains. A true hydration bath, it is ideal in winter as it quenches the skin's thirst in depth throughout the day.

A true Spa treatment after sports

Is your skin dry, especially in winter? Don't hesitate to incorporate the face mask Le Wrap D'eau – Extreme Moisture Balm face into your beauty routine. This facial treatment is designed as an oasis of freshness for an immediate and lasting effect. A true SOS moisturizing balm, it is dedicated to dry skin that is abused by the cold and harsh mountain climate.

The Milk Bath, a pure moment of pleasure and well-being

As the bitter cold of winter sets in, are you dreaming of a relaxing, warm and fragrant bath? Dive into lilac-hued water with moisturizing, soothing and remineralizing properties. With Bain Lacté Effervescent Aromatic Bath Tablet, let yourself be enchanted by a delicate fragrance with de-stressing properties and transform bath time into a moment of relaxation and escape.

An intense body moisturizing balm to deeply nourish the skin

In the winter, moisturizing the body is essential for beautiful skin. To tone and nourish it, rely on a body moisturizer with soothing and softening properties. The Hydra-Relax Body Wrap - nourishing & moisturizing balm is one of the winter care products your skin will love. A real comfort for dry skin or skin lacking in tone, this nourishing body care product is applied after washing, when skin is still slightly damp.



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