Wellness: making time for yourself

Wellness: making time for yourself

Why giving yourself time is so beneficial

Giving yourself time to take care of your body and mind: that's our mantra at Qiriness. Does this philosophy of life seem tricky to establish in a world where everything is accelerating? How can you reconcile your professional life, your life as a couple and your family life while preserving your well-being and your energy level? For a beautiful and stress-free return to work, we reveal some good resolutions to adopt in your daily life. Yoga, relaxation, personal development, take a break and offer yourself moments of relaxation in a slow life version. Last tip: don't hesitate to give time to your beauty routine, your skin will only appreciate the gesture.

Feel better by switching to slow life

Let go and be aware of the present moment to enhance your personal growth. Take a break and enjoy every minute that passes: this is the essence of the slow life philosophy in a nutshell. This advice applies both at home and at work. The trick to improving your well-being and preserving your energy? Adopt good habits such as slowing down to reduce stress and keeping in mind that balance also depends on the quality of your diet and sleep. If you wish, you can integrate this art of living based on slowness in your beauty ritual. What could be more pleasant than taking care of yourself by giving yourself time? Pampered and moisturized with the right beauty products, your skin will become radiant again and your complexion will glow.

How to slow down and find quality time for yourself?

Slowing down the pace, letting go: how to reconcile the principles of the slow life with your lifestyle? On a daily basis, we must dare to take time for ourselves to pamper ourselves and choose activities that give us pleasure. Take the liberty of taking a break and give yourself a moment of quality time: this is essential advice for a successful conversion to slow life. Transposed to the bathroom, your beauty routine in slow mode starts with a gentle cleansing of your face, completed by a beauty care adapted to your skin type. Once or twice a week, enrich your facial with a scrub and a mask. And to make the pleasure complete, why not experience the benefits of a Home Spa including a real steam bath with essential oils?

Do you like the idea of taking time to take care of your body? We explain in the following article how to have a beautiful skin with your new beauty ritual in slow version.

Our recommendations for taking a beauty break

Slowing down the pace and giving yourself a great moment of relaxation: do you dream about it? We have selected for you our best treatments for a gentle beauty routine. Skin cleansing, exfoliation, Spa treatments, masks, anti-aging facials: we're off to the bathroom for a relaxing beauty break, the proper way.

Free your skin from stress and impurities

To free your skin from stress and impurities, you need to start by gently unclogging your pores. Among our detox treatments, two products will help you get a fresh start. For a zero-defect skin cleansing, you can use once or twice a week:

  • Le Wrap Exfolys, an enzymatic exfoliator for a new skin that promotes microcirculation and contributes to a spectacular resurfacing effect ;
  • Le Wrap Exfolys au Riz, a grainy facial scrub to unclog pores and gently exfoliate.

Your beauty allies: time for yourself and adapted anti-aging care

Among the Qiriness anti-aging skincare products specially formulated for mature skin, we focus on Le Wrap Temps Sublime, Lustrous Rejuvenating Mask. Ideal in an anti-aging facial beauty routine, this treatment dedicated to women 50 and over acts at the source by restoring comfort and vitality to the skin.

Steam baths: a pure moment of relaxation to cleanse your skin

facial steam bath for a pure moment of relaxation and gentle skin cleansing: are you tempted? With the Sauna Visage effervescent tablets with essential oils, erase the tensions of your skin by stimulating microcirculation. Thanks to the detoxifying, purifying and relaxing properties of the facial sauna, your skin is deeply cleansed and purified. To perform this treatment as in a beauty salon, you can immerse the tablets in a bowl of hot water or use them with the Sauna Vapeur device (offered with the Home Spa Kits). Then place your face over this uniquely-scented bath and let the hot steam envelop you!

Give the finishing touch to your facial care ritual

After the skin cleansing and exfoliation, the final step is the application of a face mask. Our beauty masks called "Wraps" have been developed to meet the specific needs of each skin type. When it's time to give the final touch to your facial care ritual, you can use:

  • a moisturizing, purifying, anti-aging or energizing cream mask ;
  • a tissue face mask for an express boost;
  • a night mask to discover a luminous complexion when you wake up ;
  • eye patches for a targeted anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle result ;
  • purifying anti blackheads nose patch duos.

Escape while staying at home with our Spa Kits for the face

Take a moment to treat yourself and take better care of yourself, this is a good resolution that will allow you to discover our Home Spa treatment offer. To carry out your Spa at Home like a pro, let yourself be tempted by one of our Spa Kits.

  • Moisturizing Spa Ritual, a complete Spa treatment for deep hydration.
  • Radiance Spa Ritual, a "healthy glow" treatment for radiant skin and a glowing complexion.
  • Purifying Spa Ritual, a detox treatment to mattify the skin and illuminate the complexion.
  • Anti-Aging Spa Ritual, a Home Spa Kit to reveal the youthfulness of the skin and the radiance of the complexion.
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