To each, her mask

To each, her mask

The masks and especially the "Wraps" are at the heart of the Qiriness Home Spa ritual. They are divided into two categories: cream masks and sheet masks. Often overlooked, there is a real difference between the benefits of these two types of masks! We will tell you all, just below...

What is the difference between a cream mask and a sheet mask?

Beyond their differences, it is important to note from the outset that one does not replace the other. These two types of masks have very distinct roles and are therefore complementary.

The sheet mask, a real shot of serum with a second skin effect, optimizes the penetration of active agents on the epidermis. Its occlusive side provides optimal effectiveness. It can be used several times a week as a complement to your daily routine, replacing your usual serum.

The cream mask is an intensive treatment that can be used once or twice a week, in addition to your usual ritual. This mask is to be adapted to specific problems and its high concentration of active ingredients allows for a targeted and intense action on the skin.

And although the ease of use of the microfiber mask makes it suitable for almost daily use, it does not replace the ideal cream mask to provide an answer to a targeted need. They are therefore complementary, a real excuse to indulge in twice as much pleasure!

Zoom on our microfiber masks

Qiriness Monodoses Wraps are practical and easily transportable. Whether you're at home or travelling, their individual pouches allow you to carry them wherever you want, without any drying out.
Imbibed with a powerful serum for optimal efficiency, their result on the skin is immediate. Their express treatment is ideal for beautiful skin under all conditions!
The light, non-greasy texture of the monodose mask serums makes them very practical and favors rapid absorption. Ideal as a make-up base, any remaining serum can also be accompanied by a facial massage for a moment of express relaxation.
All you need to do is find the right microfiber mask for you. For example, the Wrap Hyal-Aqua is a moisturizing mask, the Wrap Purifiant is to matify your skin and the Wrap Éclat is for a luminous complexion!

Check out our cream masks!

For every skin type, there is an adapted cream mask: Whether oily, normal or dry skin, you will find the right mask! Go for Le Wrap d’Eau for intense hydration, Le Wrap Vitaminé for an instant burst of radiance or Le Wrap Terre d'Orient for a moment of purity.

The Qiriness cream Wraps are also very versatile. They can be applied to the face and neck or exclusively on targeted areas such as the T-zone. They can also be used in duo to fulfill complementary needs: Le Wrap Terre d’Orient and Le Wrap d’Eau to care for combination skin with a tendency to dehydrate, for example. In this case, they can be used to accommodate specific areas.
Applied once or twice a week, these cream masks are the perfect complement to your Home Spa ritual.

Le Wrap d'Eau Le Wrap d'Eau

Le Wrap d'Eau

Intensive Moisturizing Essence

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