Tips for self-empowerment and self-acceptance

Tips for self-empowerment and self-acceptance

What is beauty? What is a beautiful person? At Qiriness, we believe that every woman is beautiful. Echoing the body positive movement, we are certain that there are no flaws that cannot become assets as long as they are treated with love and kindness. How to accept yourself? How to give a positive image of oneself? Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-acceptance: here are our tips to empower yourself and feel good about yourself at any age in life and on any occasion.

Love yourself to radiate beauty

At Qiriness, we are convinced that you have to start by treating yourself with love to exude beauty. That's why we say no more "beauty shaming". Instead, we celebrate positive beauty. We believe in natural and universal beauty, where body and mind are inseparable and where beauty and well-being are one. Our credo? Sublimate your skin with the right facial or body treatment to transform what you believe are your flaws into real strengths. 

Practicing the body positive: the art of loving your body

Body positive comes to us straight from the United States. This movement shakes up mentalities by advocating kindness and self-acceptance, regardless of one’s figure and appearance.

Be positive! Stop focusing on your flaws when you look at your image in the mirror. Instead, learn to look at yourself with love. You will have no trouble detecting the beauty that illuminates from you at every stage of life. Regardless of your age, skin color or facial shape: treating yourself as a person of value reinforces the development of self-esteem and self-confidence. Take time for yourself. Pamper yourself with a body treatment or facial. Your well-being is reflected in your beauty. Give yourself love and accept love from others. Your body deserves your full appreciation.

Tailored treatments to pamper yourself every day

Feel good about yourself by slowing down your pace of life and taking time for yourself. Get the best out of your skin and exude beauty with a personalized wellness routine. This is our concept of positive beauty. Facial cares, body cares: let's review the right treatment cares to pamper yourself every day.

Taking care of your body

Qiriness body cares offer you a true moment of well-being. Every day, these Home Spa cares provide your skin with unique sensations worthy of an institute treatment. 

To pamper your body with targeted formulas, we have developed the Qocoon body care line, composed of the following products :

- The Wrap Mains Hydra-Repair hand masks and Wrap Pieds Hydra-Repair foot masks, , recently reformulated in naturality, for a spa-manicure or spa-pedicure moment, like a professional at home;

- Caresse Mains Velours hand and nail cream, to be beautiful to the tips of your nails;

- Bain Lacté Relaxant, an aromatic effervescent pebble transforming bath water into milk for a pure moment of relaxation and escape.

The bathroom, our beauty ally

With the Facial Ritual Home Spa set, you recreate a unique moment of Home Spa at home with a women's care set including:

- An exfoliating facial skin care;

- An aromatic steam bath in the form of effervescent tablets;

- A face mask.

To meet the needs of every skin type, the Home Spa complete facial kit is available in four versions:

- Anti-Aging Spa Ritual for mature skin;

- Purifying Spa Ritual for combination to oily skin;

- Moisturizing spa ritual for dehydrated skin;

- Radiance spa ritual for dull skin.

Skincare routines from age 30

Feeling beautiful at any age is key! To achieve this, Qiriness accompanies women at different stages of their lives with skin care products that address targeted skin issues according to one’s age from 30 years onwards.

To take care of yourself from the age of 30, the Active Énergie range offers targeted solutions to preserve the youthfulness of your skin and act against the first signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, lack of firmness and radiance...):

- Caresse Active Énergie - Radiant Age-Defy Day & Night Cream against the first signs of aging ;

- Caresse Regard Énergie - Smoothing Radiance Eye Cream, a targeted multi-action eye contour treatment fighting fine lines and first expression wrinkles.

Reveal the beauty of your skin from age 50

The Temps Sublime collection is specially formulated to meet the specific needs of mature skin. Dedicated to women aged 50 and over, this facial care line focuses on naturalness by combining plants and algae for maximum effectiveness. The Temps Sublime range includes the following essential products :

- The Global Well-Aging Redensifying Cream, Caresse Temps Sublime, Caresse Temps Sublime Light and Caresse Temps Sublime Riche day creams to choose from according to your skin type ;

- Caresse Temps Sublime Nuit - Global Well-Aging Revitalising Night Cream.

In the Temps Sublime collection, you will find beauty masks and serums specially dedicated to mature skin:

- Le Wrap Temps Sublime - Lustrous Rejuvenating Mask.  This incredibly rich beauty mask acts at the source by restoring strength and comfort to the skin.

- Booster Temps Sublime - Supreme Youth Concentrate. This ultra-concentrated anti-aging treatment with powerful active ingredients provides a global response to reveal the youthfulness of mature skin. 

- Élixir Temps Sublime - Global Well-Aging Restructuring Essence. This concentrate of stimulating and restructuring active ingredients targets skin aging. It reduces wrinkles, improves the radiance of the epidermis, remodels and firms the texture of mature skin.

- Caresse Regard Sublime - Global Well-Aging Eyes & Lip Cream. This eye contour preserves the beauty of the eyes and one’s smile. Suitable from the age of 50, this mature skin treatment product fights against skin aging, wrinkles and sagging of the epidermis in the most fragile areas of the face.

- Caresse Lèvres Sublimes - Plumping Lip & Contour Filler. This anti-aging, replumping treatment smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizes and redefines the lip contour.

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