Tips for returning from vacation in good shape

Tips for returning from vacation in good shape

Diet, sleep, detox, time management, relaxation:  how to take care of yourself after the vacations?  What should you pay attention to in order to transition calmly back to work while recharging yourself with positive energy and avoiding stress? What beauty routine should you adopt to rediscover a luminous complexion while prolonging your tan? We give you our well-being and beauty tips and tricks to make the benefits of vacation last and organize a zen and successful return.

The benefits of going to bed early

How to have beautiful skin after vacation? As summertime disappears, your tan fades, taking with it that glowing complexion that made you feel sublime. In addition to the face and body care products that make up your beauty routine, there are a few tips that can help you keep your summer glow. Amongst the good habits to keep in mind when you return are a healthy diet and quality sleep. After all, your skin's health and sleep are closely linked. Fatigue and stress accelerate skin aging. As nighttime microcirculation stops working, the complexion becomes dull and dark circles become more pronounced. Lacking energy, skin loses its elasticity and becomes slack. Dehydrated, it is marked by fine lines. Rest assured, this is not the end of the world. Go to bed early and get at least 6 hours of sleep: this is our number one beauty and well-being tip. To maximize the benefits of a good night's sleep, don't hesitate to thoroughly cleanse your skin with a gentle cleansing foam before applying a targeted beauty treatment like a moisturizing night cream.

Allow yourself moments of happiness

With the return back to work, your pace of life intensifies. Say goodbye to sleeping in and to naps in the shade. Don't let your busy schedule dictate your daily routine. Take time for yourself and offer yourself moments of relaxation and freedom. Practice your favorite sport, take a gardening break, soak in a relaxing bath with essential oils. Better yet! Organize a home spa session in your bathroom! Here are our tips for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your home. Don't hesitate to play with lighting. Light a few candles to make your Home Spa a moment of pure relaxation. Make yourself comfortable and apply your scrub followed by a steam bath and a face mask. If you want your beauty ritual to be totally zen, wrap yourself in your fluffiest robe and pour yourself a cup of herbal tea or green tea. Hydration is the secret to radiant skin and a glowing complexion.

Keep your face glowing after summer

Scrubs, moisturizing facials, detox products and steam baths: here's our selection of face cares to rediscover radiant skin and a glowing complexion when you return from vacation.

A matte and luminous skin after the break

Sun, wind, salt water, chlorine weak your skin. After vacation, don't hesitate to give your skin the hydration it needs with a highly moisturizing face care like Le Wrap Temps Sublime, Lustrous Rejuvenating Mask. Incredibly rich, this mask designed for mature skin replumps and firms the skin. The complexion is luminous, skin finds comfort and vitality. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid, biomimetic Peptide and microencapsulated Retinol, this product combines the benefits of Bulgarian Rose, Ginseng and Vitamin C to reveal the youthfulness of your skin. By adding this multi-benefit wrap to your after-the-break beauty routine, you'll also maximize your chances of prolonging your tan and preserving that healthy glow everyone envies.

Detoxify your skin after the summer

Among our beauty tips for going returning from vacation in good shape, we present you the special effervescent Spa facial tablets by Qiriness, to use during your steam bath. Essential for deep skin cleansing, a steam bath open pores and eliminate toxins. It stimulates microcirculation and prepares the skin to receive the benefits of the following skin cares. The effervescent tablets imbibed with plant essences release their active ingredients as they dissolve in the hot water. Select the fragrance that will transport your senses amongst the different variations of this emblematic tablet:

- Sauna Visage Finland for an immersion in the warm universe of a Finnish sauna.

- Sauna Visage Bali for a fresh and delicately flowery journey to Indonesia.

- Sauna Visage Marrakech for an olfactory stroll through Morocco, amidst charms and sweets.

Take time for yourself

Are you dreaming of a gentle, relaxing moment where you can pamper yourself, taking your time? Why not introduce yourself to Qiriness' Home Spa treatment ritual? With the Spa Facial ritual, you can enjoy an institute-like treatment without leaving your home. Your beauty routine transforms into a true sensorial experience. To recreate your Spa moment, we offer a complete facial care kit including:

- an exfoliating skin care.

- an aromatic steam bath in the form of effervescent tablets.

- a face mask.

Three steps compose your home spa session:

- preparation with a scrub to clear the skin.

- purification with an aromatic steam bath, completed by a hot towel sessions.

- wrapping your face with a mask.

Depending on your skin type, you can choose:

- The Moisturizing Spa Ritual deeply quenching the thirstiest of skins and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles ;

- The Radiance Spa Ritual bringing instant radiance and vitality to your face ;

- The Purifying Spa Ritual focusing on detoxifying principles for healthy skin and a radiant complexion, without shine ;

- The Anti-Age Spa Ritual, revealing youth and radiance.

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