The Home Spa Facial in 3 steps

The Home Spa Facial in 3 steps

Qiriness offers everyone a true home spa experience. By combining cosmetic know-how and professional treatments, the Qiriness Facial Spa ritual will provide you with a unique sensorial experience while pampering your skin, like at a beauty institute. Here are the key steps of this ritual:

Step n°1 : The preparation

The first step of the Facial Spa is to rid the skin of dead cells by exfoliating with or without grains. The objective of the exfoliation is to stimulate cell renewal while freeing the skin from impurities, to impart a radiant glow to your complexion. Apply the scrub of your choice, Le Wrap Exfolys without grains or Le Wrap Exfolys au Riz with grains to renew the skin. To find out what type of scrub to use, see our article Exfoliation, a key beauty gesture.

Once exfoliated, the skin is ready to receive the other treatments of the spa facial ritual.

Step n°2: The purification

The Sauna Visage (Herbal Facial Steam Bath) is the cult step of the home spa, according to Qiriness. The objective is to purify, detoxify the skin and bring an immediate radiance, combining the benefits of the steam with the efficiency of the Sauna Visage tablet’s natural essences.
Once the tablet is immersed in hot water, it delivers its detoxifying, purifying and relaxing properties. The pores of the skin open up, thus freeing themselves from excess sebum and impurities. To find out how to carry out the steam bath step by step, go to the article The Sauna Visage for resplendent skin.

Step n°3: The wrap

Inspired by the envelopment practiced in beauty institutes, the third step of the ritual is the use of one of the "Wrap" masks from the Qiriness collection. Responding to a targeted need according to skin type (hydration, matity, nutrition, anti-ageing, anti-brown spots), the mask will complete this beauty routine. Go to the "Wraps" category to find the treatment that meets your expectations.
And to get the Home Spa ritual of your dreams in one click, visit our Home Facial Spa Kits page. Whatever your needs, our rituals will offer you visible results and true moments of relaxation.

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Herbal Facial Steam Bath

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