Special foot and hand beauty cares

Special foot and hand beauty cares

Hands and feet are very exposed areas and are often abused daily. Our hands are one of the parts of the body most exposed to weather conditions and various aggressions such as hard water, substances in household products or dishwashing liquid.

As for our feet, they carry us every day and are subject to multiple frictions and aggressions on a daily basis, so let's not forget them! It is therefore very important to pamper these parts of the body in order to regain comfort and softness while unveiling their beauty.

Taking care of your feet and hands on a daily basis: the gestures to be adopted

Taking care of your hands and feet means first of all taking care of your hygiene. Washing your feet carefully every day, avoiding long baths and drying them properly afterwards can prevent many problems. It is also recommended to wash your hands throughout the day.

As with the skin of the body, in general, any skin care ritual should include exfoliation using a scrub adapted to these particular areas, for baby soft skin.

Hands and feet have few sebaceous glands, which is why these areas are particularly prone to skin dryness.

The moisturizing step can be managed with creams or nourishing gloves and socks for hands and feet, to be used once or twice a week. They allow for an optimal diffusion of the active ingredients to the heart of your skin and make it possible to target the thickest or roughest areas, while pampering the sensitive areas.

Adapt your hand and foot treatment cares according to the seasonFeet are out all summer long, so this is the key period to offer them the best possible care. An exfoliation, at least once a week, is ideal to keep skin supple. Then hydrate the feet with a moisturizing and nourishing cream, focusing special attention to heels and cuticles. Result: feet as soft as a baby's! In winter, feet are less exposed but more enclosed. Adopt richer treatment cares to nourish them and avoid dryness.

As for the hands, they suffer even more from the winter cold. Crack often appear and hands become chapped. It is very important to have a nourishing or moisturizing cream "on hand" to use throughout the day to avoid pain and discomfort. Do not hesitate to protect them by wrapping them in a pair of warm gloves.

Dedicated Qiriness foot and hand treatment cares

At Qiriness, feet and hands receive special attention.

Women's feet are often dry, and this phenomenon is amplified by the wearing of open shoes or heels. To counteract this, we have developed the Wrap Pieds Hydra-Repair, a pair of nourishing socks to restore ultra-soft feet and heels.

To make your hands irresistible, the Caresse Mains Velours cream provides a pleasantly moisturizing and nourishing effect. It is possible, even preferred, to use it several times during the day to envelop your hands in maximum comfort. In addition, the Wrap Mains Hydra-Repair gloves will nourish and repair the driest hands while offering a moment of well-being, as with a home spa-manicure.

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