Reawaken the beauty of your skin by respecting circadian rhythms

Reawaken the beauty of your skin by respecting circadian rhythms

Understanding one's biological clock helps to combat premature skin aging and lack of radiance. Skin is subject to a 24-hour cycle known as the circadian rhythm. In the morning, thirsty skin is in need of moisturizing cares. During the day, it increases in hydration with a peak of sebum in the afternoon. At bedtime, facial skin needs deep cleansing and nighttime care to optimize its ability to repair itself after a day of stress. At night, skin accomplishes its task of cellular regeneration during the deep sleep phase. In the case of insomnia, the collagen level of the skin deteriorates. Over time, skin shows signs of fatigue: dark circles, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Are you interested in adopting a beauty and well-being routine based on skin chronobiology? Here are some tips to help revive your skin's beauty by respecting your body's circadian rhythms.

Sleeping well, the secret to beautiful skin

Sleep and beauty are intimately linked. In fact, it is during the deep sleep phase that collagen production increases, promoting cell regeneration. Moreover, among our beauty tips, the benefits of a restful sleep come at the top of the list for a healthy skin. Thanks to the increase in blood microcirculation during the night, skin is oxygenated. The pores dilate and the detoxification process begins. The skin is then at its most receptive stage. This is why taking care of your skin at bedtime is so important. To be effective, your evening beauty ritual must respect certain hours. In fact, skin is particularly receptive between midnight and 4 am. When you don't sleep, the secretion of cortisol (one of the main stress hormones) is more intense, damaging the skin's collagen and elasticity. As a result, the quality of skin is altered. It lacks radiance and suppleness. Wrinkles and dark circles become more pronounced. In order to avoid these inconveniences, your beauty routine must be based first and foremost on quality sleep and sufficient quantity. To help you fall asleep, don't hesitate to eat a diet rich in tryptophan, which promotes the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

How to erase signs of fatigue

Does your face lack radiance and show signs of fatigue? Are you wondering how to minimise the dark circles that darken your eyes? Here are some keys for an anti-stress and anti-fatigue facial beauty routine. To optimize the benefits of your beauty routine, what better way to erase the signs of fatigue than with a selection of ultra-moisturizing facials. After gently cleansing your skin, don't hesitate to apply a toner first. Your skin is now ready to receive the targeted skin care it needs. Start with the eye contour area where traces of fatigue are instantly visible. To boost the skin's tone, consider adding a serum to your beauty routine to complement your moisturizer. Finally, if your complexion lacks radiance, don't hesitate to apply a tinted beauty care product that combines a healthy glow with well-being effect for the skin.

Adapting your beauty routine to your biorhythm

Adapting your beauty routine to your biorhythm means following your biological clock by respecting circadian rhythms. It also means using the right beauty care products according to the day and night or sleep and wake cycle. With our selection of special skin chronobiology beauty cares, find your skin radiant and healthy.

Skincare products adapted to your biological rhythms

Are you looking for skin care products adapted to your biological rhythms? Let us introduce you to Caresse Active Énergie, Radiant Age-Defy Day & Night Cream. This anti-fatigue care helps skin to rebalance itself and maintain its natural day and night cycle. It allows skin to restore its natural cycle while preventing the first signs of skin aging. For your special anti-fatigue beauty routine around the eyes, take note of our Caresse Regard Énergie - Radiant Smoothing Eye Cream. Its quick-break texture with light-reflecting particles illuminates the eyes and reduces signs of fatigue.

Looking good in any circumstance is possible

Do you dream of looking good in all circumstances? With the Soin Bonne Mine, Sun-Kissed Energizing Gel, your wish is granted. Its universal shade brightens and evens out the complexion. Day after day, skin quality improves and signs of fatigue fade. The healthy glow effect is immediate and natural.

An instant and natural tanned effect, not only the prerogative of women, can be found in the Qiriness Men brand, Soin Bonne Mine men. This moisturizing and tinted care offers an innovative non-greasy, non-sticky texture and is free of self-tanner. It is easy to apply and leaves no trace.

Tinted care for a fresh complexion in 5 minutes

Sometimes your lackluster skin deserves a little boost. That's what our Correcting & Illuminating BB Cream offers. This highly moisturizing, light-as-a-veil tinted treatment illuminates and corrects the complexion for a flawless skin effect. This skin care is available in several shades and is suitable for all skin types.

Top products for sparkling eyes

When eyes show signs of fatigue, one’s look loses its charm and sparkle. Our solution to rediscover a sublime look? The Wrap Yeux Hyal-Éclat, hydrogel eye patches impregnated with a powerful serum enriched with natural active ingredients. These anti-fatigue treatments smooth, soothe and moisturize the eye contour area for an illuminated look.

Among our best sellers, Élixir Regard Éclat is the ideal eye contour treatment to reduce dark circles, puffiness and eyelid puffiness. This anti-fatigue serum smoothes the eye contour area and preserves the beauty of the eyes, thanks to its draining and decongesting properties.

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