Our skin care ritual for a beautiful skin in autumn-winter

Our skin care ritual for a beautiful skin in autumn-winter

Once the sweet days of summer have passed and the freshness of autumn arrives, the skin's needs change: the appearance of imperfections is apparent. Then comes the cold of winter, during which the epidermis tends to dry out, causing a sensation of discomfort with tight skin and chapped lips. This sensation is often accompanied by a dull, lacklustre complexion. It is therefore important to take care of our skin with appropriate skin care products.

The impact of temperature variations on the epidermis

During autumn, the epidermis becomes more permeable and allows water to escape more easily. It has more difficulty fulfilling its role as a barrier. In addition, the secretion of sebum, which usually guarantees good hydration of the skin by reinforcing the hydrolipidic film, tends to slow down.
When winter temperatures arrive, skin cells renew themselves at a slower rate and the epidermis is more vulnerable. This is when redness, dull complexion, and other irregularities, depending on skin type, may appear.

The changes to adopt to help your skin face the winter

As the skin is dehydrated and fragile, it becomes essential to adapt your beauty routine. In order to restore the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis, skin nutrition is the key to your routine. Make-up removal, cleansing and day cares focus on cocooning and envelopment with products that are more nourishing than for the rest of the year.
In autumn, the objective is to balance and prepare the skin for winter. We thus advise to give priority to exfoliating cares for the face and body to allow the skin to regenerate and oxygenate, to better face the cold. Exfoliation will not make your summer tan disappear, and hydration will even help to sublimate it. In winter, the priority is to protect the skin. As we have seen previously, skin will be subjected to climatic aggressions, whether the cold outside or heating inside. As the epidermis is more sensitive, it is necessary to use richer nourishing skin care products, while continuing to regularly moisturize and exfoliate the skin.

Qiriness skin care rituals to fight against the winter cold

At Qiriness, we have treatment care rituals for all seasons. We recommend first a gentle cleansing, morning and evening, with a cleansing milk or balm followed by a comforting tonic lotion. You can, for example, adopt the cleansing cares of our Exquisite line with the Exquisite Cleansing Milk.

Once the skin has been cleansed of its impurities, we recommend using nourishing skin care products on a daily basis. Choose skin care products containing active ingredients such as castor oil, which repairs and nourishes the skin, macadamia nut oil for its restructuring and soothing properties, or sweet almond oil, which nourishes and soothes.

For the most dehydrated skins, look towards Le Wrap d'Eau mask (Extreme Moisture Balm) or our global anti-aging cream Caresse Temps Sublime Riche, with its ultra-nourishing texture.

Le Wrap d'Eau Le Wrap d'Eau

Le Wrap d'Eau

Intensive Moisturizing Essence

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