Prepare your skin for spring

Prepare your skin for spring

Spring is already here! The first rays of sunshine are timidly making their return and temperatures are slowly rising... We warmly welcome this lovely season. Spring is synonymous with renewal, as is your skin! Less moisturized and protected, your skin appears dull and vulnerable. It's time to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the winter before moving on to skin cares that will offer your skin a fresh and radiant complexion. How do you prepare your skin for spring? Here are some beauty tips to gently care for your skin with your new beauty routine and start off the first days of spring with a healthy glow.

A brighter, more rested complexion with a vitamin C cure

When the first rays of sunshine chase away winter, we all dream of a perfectly glowing complexion. To help skin rediscover its health when spring returns, why not bet on a vitamin C cure? We can eat it, choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables, rich in ascorbic acid, such as guava, blackcurrant, green bell pepper or broccoli. We can also integrate into our spring beauty routine some skin cares full of this vitamin to ensure a healthy glow and fresh skin. Whether it is found in a scrub, a mask or a moisturizer, vitamin C takes care of our skin by stimulating collagen production, correcting the signs of aging and reducing dark circles. It restores the complexion's radiance, helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, and smoothes out skin texture.

Stimulate skin regeneration

As winter comes to an end, skin is less hydrated. The face lacks radiance and firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles deepen. Spring is thus the ideal season to take care of your skin. Whatever your skin type - normal, dry, oily or combination - the secret to its beauty and health lies in cell regeneration. The first step in your spring beauty routine is a scrub. This facial care frees the skin of all its impurities and prepares it to receive targeted treatments such as a mask or a serum. Boosting microcirculation with facial massages is also a great option to stimulate cell renewal.

Lighter facials tailored to the new season

For your special spring beauty routine, make room for lightness! With the new season, don't hesitate to put aside facial cares with rich textures adapted for winter, so as to let skin breathe. To prepare for the first rays of the sun, choose facial cares that are highly moisturizing but light as the morning dew. Whether a mask with a second skin effect, a fluid and comforting moisturizer, a gel with a fresh and melting texture or a cream, soft as a veil.

The best products for glowing skin

Purifying or Moisturizing Home Spa Kit, radiance cream, monodose mask: here is our selection of the best face care products to adopt in your spring beauty routine for radiant skin, as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear.

Create a Spa moment at home

To gently wake up your skin and free it from impurities accumulated during the winter, how about a Home Spa Ritual? With the Purifying Ritual, Purity Routine, combination to oily skin is not only deeply cleansed, it is also purified and mattified.

For skin that is dehydrated, with the arrival of spring, choose the moisturizing skin cares  in the Spa Maison, Ritual Hydrating Kit. This special beauty routine for thirsty skin provides instant comfort and protection.

Each Qiriness Ritual Kit contains an exfoliating treatment care, an aromatic steam bath and a face mask to replicate the three key steps of a Spa Facial treatment, just like at an institute.

Ensure optimal hydration and prevent the appearance of brown spots

Looking for a light, protective cream to tackle spring and its first rays of sun? Among our radiance treatment cares, allow us to introduce you to Caresse Éclat Parfait. This moisturizing anti-brown spot, unifying and anti-pollution cream protects skin from pollution and blue light. Melting and delicate, it is the faithful ally of skin with brown spots, redness and imperfections for an even, luminous and radiant complexion.

Reactivate the skin's beauty with a tissue mask encrusted with Rose petals

Ideal for all skin types looking for a boost and vitality, theradiance mask   in biodegradable tissuerevitalizes and reveals the beauty of your skin. This single-dose mask encrusted with Rose petals and imbibed with a powerful serum enriched with Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin, replumps it and reactivates its radiance. Its subtle rose fragrance and its "second skin effect" support will make you plunge into the heart of spring with delight!


Radiance Booster Mask

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