Our beauty resolutions for beautiful skin in 2022

Our beauty resolutions for beautiful skin in 2022

The Christmas and New Year's holidays are over. January is synonymous with good resolutions. What if this new year was an opportunity to take care of yourself and improve your beauty routine. Sleeping well, eating a balanced diet and exercising are all part of our advice to help you get a new look. How can you rediscover your radiance and tone after the holidays? Here are our 2022 beauty resolutions for beautiful skin.

Go to bed earlier to allow cells to regenerate

A good night's sleep is necessary to get up early and look beautiful when you wake up. Amongst other benefits of sleep for the skin is cell renewal. At night, skin produces 3 times more new cells than during the day. Since cells are much less solicited at night, they can then devote all their energy to producing collagen and elastin, essential to fight against skin aging. What's the best way to start the year well? Increase your sleep time by going to bed a little earlier and add a night cream as well as an eye contour to your beauty routine.

Drink water and eat a balanced diet

To take care of your skin, give your beauty routine a boost, bet on a varied diet, rich in water. Also, favor fresh fruits and vegetables bursting with vitamin C. For perfect skin, here are some foods to choose from: lemon, leek and pineapple for their detox effect. Sunflower, olive or wheat germ oils to keep skin moisturized and for their anti-aging properties. Finally, a last nutritional tip: don't wait until you are thirsty to drink water. We can't say it enough: hydration is the key to beautiful skin.

Get off the couch and put on the sneakers

To boost skin's radiance, there's nothing like a little exercise to complement your beauty routine. On the list of benefits that sports offers to the skin, stimulating blood circulation takes the top spot. Your skin receives more oxygen, thus boosting cell renewal. The other benefits of sports on the skin? The increase in body temperature, triggering the sweating process. With this, a good part of the toxins and impurities in the skin are eliminated. The last advantage of sports: it helps to eliminate stress and promotes sleep. A complete circle.

Clean your skin every night

Among our 2022 beauty resolutions, reserve a place of honor to evening skincare and skin cleansing. Before falling into the arms of Morpheus, take a few minutes for your special "bedtime" beauty ritual. It's all about removing your makeup with a makeup remover adapted to your skin, then removing the impurities deposited by the environment, as well as excess sebum, with a purifying lotion. This way, your skin is perfectly ready to receive the nightly face care products that will help it maintain radiance and suppleness upon awakening.

Washing your brushes and makeup equipment is part of the ritual

Evoking our good resolutions in 2022 for perfect skin also means addressing the issue of beauty accessory hygiene. In fact, a rigorous skincare ritual requires perfectly clean makeup equipment. Here are our tips for maintaining your brushes, brushes, sponges and other makeup essentials: ideally, your foundation brushes and sponges should be cleaned twice a week. Your eyeshadow brushes need to be washed after each use. If you're short on time during the week, take advantage of your weekend beauty ritual to give your makeup and tinted skincare accessories a thorough cleaning.

Our must-haves for a good skincare routine

How do you keep your beauty resolutions and take care of yourself throughout 2022? By adopting a skincare ritual adapted to your skin type and the seasons. To start this new year in beauty, why not opt for an "after the holidays" plan focusing on purifying, detoxifying and radiance-boosting facials?

Adopt an enzymatic scrub for a gentle exfoliation

What's better than an enzymatic scrub for new skin? With its iconic product, Le Wrap Exfolys, Qiriness allows you to gently exfoliate and de-clog your skin. Thanks to this grain-free scrub, microcirculation is activated and pores are freed from their excess sebum. Its resurfacing effect frees the face from its dull veil.

Purify your skin in depth with an aromatic steam bath

Recover beautiful skin by stimulating microcirculation and erasing tension. This is what the Qiriness facial sauna offers with its line of Herbal Facial Steam Baths. For your beauty ritual, immerse an effervescent tablet with essential oils in a bowl of hot water. To perform this treatment as you would in an institute, place your face over this aromatic bath and let the hot steam envelop you!

Detoxify your skin with our purifying tissue mask

For an express detox and mattifying effect, don't hesitate to include the power of a purifying tissue mask in your beauty routine. The single-dose Wrap Purifiant mask with biodegradable fabric is the ideal facial to purify the skin, regulate sebum and tighten pores. Balancing and soothing, this mask encrusted with Lemon peel leaves skin soft, purified and matte.

Give your face an instant glow with a massage mask

Exfoliate, detoxify and moisturize in one easy step, tempted? With Le Wrap Vitaminé massage mask, your skin is instantly hydrated and illuminated. This massage mask combining superfruit extracts and vitamin A and E microbeads gently exfoliates for better penetration of the active ingredients and moisturizes in a single application. It acts as a real energy cocktail to prevent premature aging of the skin.

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