How to have skin without brown spots or redness?

How to have skin without brown spots or redness?

Pollution, free radicals, blue light, sun... In an urban environment, environmental stress assaults the skin from all directions, weakening it and playing a determining role in its loss of radiance, premature aging but also in the appearance of brown spots and redness.

Faced with this modern scourge, Qiriness has developed the Eclat Parfait, Perfect Radiance beauty routine, a unique skincare experience with a global and innovative action, for a unified and luminous skin, protected from daily aggressions. A true trio of essential facial treatments for urban skin but also for skin with dark spots, redness and a complexion lacking in radiance and homogeneity.

Take care of your sensitive skin with dedicated cares

If your skin lacks evenness and is particularly sensitive, the Eclat Parfait, Perfect Radiance line is for you! Composed of three skincare products with patented active ingredients, it is broken down into three care steps dedicated to sensitive skin. First step: the lotion - Second step: the serum - Third step: the cream. Their active ingredients have been carefully selected to respect all skin types and meet the targeted expectations of skin in search of uniqueness: they offer an anti-redness and anti-spot action on already installed imperfections, but also a protective action against pollution and blue light. Thus, this range with proven results has the power to prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots and premature skin aging.

How to fight brown spots

The appearance of these brown spots is caused by melanin. This pigment is contained in the skin, among other things. Melanin protects us from ultraviolet rays and makes us tan since our body produces more of it, upon contact with the sun. Unfortunately, as the years go by, melanin decreases, which causes the appearance of brown spots. In order to prevent the appearance of brown spots due to excessive sun exposure, the best solution is to avoid long exposure and to protect your skin with a sun care product or one with an SPF before each exposure, and not only in summer! If you are particularly prone to dark spots on the face, it is also recommended to adopt an unifying anti-dark spot skin care routine. It helps on the one hand to fight against the appearance of dark spots and also quite often to correct them.

Targeted cares for luminous, brown spot-free skin

Beyond pigmentation spots, skin can be marked by other complexion imperfections that harm its uniqueness and luminosity. To rediscover a radiant, even complexion, one can adopt targeted anti-brown spot and anti-redness treatments, continuously or at certain times of the year. In addition to acting against blemishes and redness, the Eclat Parfait® Perfect Glow complex, at the heart of the specific skin care products of the same name, smoothes skin texture, tightens pores and reduces sebum secretion. So many complementary actions for an even complexion and beautiful skin.

The best skincare products to achieve an even complexion

Lotion, serum, cream, there are many skincare products that can help you in your quest for skin without dark spots or redness. We particularly recommend using these three skincare products in synergy, for their complementary action to optimize the results for your skin. This three-step routine should be used morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin to obtain convincing results after a few weeks. In parallel, it is necessary to protect your skin from the sun's rays on a daily basis.

As we age, the appearance of pigmentation spots accelerates with the phenomenon of cellular oxidation. It is therefore advisable to opt for a protective routine as soon as possible, so as to preserve the beauty of the face over time.

Qiriness's Anti-Brown Spot and Anti-Redness Serum for all skin lacking uniformity

There's nothing like a targeted serum to fade and limit the appearance of brown spots and redness on the complexion! Qiriness has developed an anti-brown spot and anti-redness serum with patented active ingredients to address this issue. Packed with powerful ingredients, the serum precisely targets the specific needs of skin in search of a perfect complexion while amplifying and completing the action of the cream. Let yourself be seduced by its pleasantly fresh and melting gel-cream galenic that instantly tones the skin. Its formula, rich in concentrated active ingredients, helps fight against the appearance of brown spots and redness while protecting the skin from pollution and photo-oxidant stress to improve its radiance. Enhanced with light-reflecting pigments, this serum instantly illuminates the complexion. As a bonus, its delicate Magnolia scent awakens the senses.

How to protect skin from pollution and blue light

To complete your perfect skin routine, equip yourself with a cream with multiple protective actions like our Global Brightening & Unifying Cream, Caresse Eclat Parfait. Faced with daily aggressions from the outside elements, this cream acts as an active and indispensable shield. The last step in the Eclat Parfait, Perfect Glow skincare routine, it comes to the rescue of urban skin in need of comfort, enveloping it in softness while acting directly on the causes of imperfections of the complexion. We love its fresh and melting texture that acts like a protective veil on the skin to preserve it from the factors responsible for irregularities of the complexion and skin aging. Enriched, in particular, with the "butterfly tree flower" plant extract which blocks blue light, UV and infrared rays, it limits the risks of appearance of brown spots and redness. Moisturizing and soothing, it leaves the skin velvety smooth and the complexion luminous.

Prepare your sensitive skin for the application of skincare treatments

Don't forget to pack your Lotion Eclat Parfait, Radiance Activating Treatment Lotion as well. An essential step in a successful beauty routine, the lotion is a treatment care in its own right. It completes skin cleansing by ridding it of the last remaining impurities and makes skin permeable to better prepare it for the following treatments. The lotion is used in the morning before the serum and the cream, and in the evening after make-up removal. With its melting and alcohol-free texture, this transparent lotion leaves a veil of freshness on the face. Thanks to a formula enriched with AHA, it gently exfoliates the epidermis while stimulating cellular renewal, which tends to slow down with time. Regenerated, skin is cleared of brown spots and redness, and the complexion is radiant.

The perfect treatment for mature skin in search of uniqueness

Do you have mature skin and do you seek a skincare product with multiple benefits, including a corrective action on age spots? Opt for our Well-Aging Temps Sublime range which acts on all the factors of aging, and in particular the anti-aging serum and day cream combo. Enriched with Vitamin C, it boosts collagen synthesis while helping to eliminate pigmentation spots that have settled over the years. Your skin is all the more uniform and radiant!

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