How to enjoy a Home Spa moment?

How to enjoy a Home Spa moment?

Does your skin need to be pampered, do you dream of a beauty break like at an institute, without having to leave home? Why not treat yourself to a wellness pause and enjoy a Home Spa moment? How does one recreate a Spa ambiance at home? What preparations are necessary in your bathroom? What beauty ritual to adopt for your Home Spa session? Facials, scrubs, maskssteam baths with essential oils: which beauty products should you choose for this cocooning moment? Here are all our tips for a successful Home Spa moment.

Create a Spa ambiance in your bathroom

To be perfectly in the Spa mood, don't hesitate to make some changes in your bathroom. Start by playing with the lighting. Turn down the lights and light some scented candles, your beauty routine will be all the more relaxing. Place a green plant or a bouquet of flowers near the mirror. If the space is available, don't forget to place a chair. This way, you will be comfortable for your steam bath and face treatment. For a totally zen spa atmosphere, put on some soft music and get out your softest bathrobe. Don't forget to set aside a little space for your tray of herbal tea or green tea: hydration is the secret of radiantly youthful skin. Transformed into a pleasurable space, your bathroom is ready for you to begin your Home Spa moment!

Transform your beauty routine into a wellness ritual

Pampering your skin involves a certain number of gestures on a daily basis. In the morning and evening, you need to cleanse your skin with a gentle product that preserves the skin barrier. Once your skin is perfectly cleansed, it is ready to receive the facial care that will help protect it, regenerate, and keep its beautiful radiance at any age! The ritual can include a beauty cream and sometimes a serum that will increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Once or twice a week, add a facial scrub to your beauty routine to gently exfoliate the cells that have accumulated on the surface of the epidermis. Your skin will breathe, ready to receive the benefits of targeted treatments such as a moisturizing mask, an eye contour or a lifting serum. To transform this daily beauty routine into a true beauty, well-being and relaxation ritual, why not give in to the pleasure of a Home Spa? Steam bath, intoxicating scents, facial massage: everything has been planned to unify body with mind! Are you seduced yet? In the following article, we explain how to create your own Home Spa in three steps.

Steps to treat yourself to a spa-like facial at home

With the Qiriness Facial Spa Ritual, you can enjoy a spa-like treatment without leaving your home. Sit comfortably in your bathroom and turn your beauty routine into a true sensorial experience with your Home Spa Facial Ritual. From facial scrub to facial sauna to face mask, here are the steps of this facial.

Gently unclog your pores

Like all "perfect skin routines", our Home Spa Ritual begins with the application of an exfoliant to free the face of impurities and dead skin cells. For a renewed skin, once or twice a week, you can use:

- An enzymatic and mechanical scrub (without grains) like Le Wrap Exfolys to smooth and soften the skin.

- A facial scrub with grains like Le Wrap Exfolys au Riz to unclog pores and gently exfoliate the skin. Freed from impurities accumulated on the skin's surface, your complexion rediscovers its radiance and softness. Skin is perfectly prepared to continue with step 2 of our beauty ritual: Sauna Visage.

Stimulate circulation and erase tension from your skin

What better way to stimulate microcirculation and erase tension than with Sauna Visage, Herbal Facial Steam Bath? This beauty ritual allows you to deeply cleanse and purify your skin. It also offers a pure moment of relaxation combining the benefits of a steam bath with invigorating unique scents. To carry out this treatment as if in an institute, Qiriness has developed the Sauna Visage line, effervescent tablets with essential oils to be immersed in a bowl of hot water or to be used with our Sauna Vapeur machine (offered with our Home Spa Kits). To benefit from the detoxifying, purifying and relaxing properties of the facial sauna, place your face over this aromatic bath and let the hot steam envelop you! Now it's time to finalize your Home Spa ritual with step 3: the face mask.

Wrap your skin with a mask tailored to its needs

Now you are at step 3 of the Home Spa Ritual: the application of the face mask in a cream format or with a single-dose tissue mask. To each skin type corresponds a targeted response :

- Le Wrap Vitaminé, a face mask with superfruit extracts combined with Vitamins A and E for devitalized, dull or lacking radiance skin.

Le Wrap d'Eau, a face mask with Salicornia and Aloe Vera for deep hydration.

- Le Wrap Terre d'Orient, a face mask comprised of plant oils and a trio of clays and volcanic rock that purifies and matifies combination to oily skin.

Relax with our Home Spa Kits, cocooning rituals adapted to each need

To perform your skincare like a pro, indulge in one of our Home Spa Kits that present the three key steps of the Qiriness beauty ritual. Whatever your need, our Home Spa rituals will offer you visible results and provide you with a true moment of relaxation. Among our facial care rituals, choose:

- The Moisturizing Spa Ritual to deeply quench even the thirstiest skin, restoring suppleness and comfort and replumping fine lines and wrinkles.

The Radiance Spa Ritual to instantly bring radiance and vitality to your face.

The Purifying Spa Ritual to detoxify the skin and illuminate the complexion, without shine.

The Anti-Age Spa Ritual to reveal the youthfulness of the skin and the radiance of the complexion. Four Spa gift ideas including the Sauna Vapeur machine offered for a moment to resource and be zen!

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