How to create a cozy interior with a cozy decor

How to create a cozy interior with a cozy decor

As autumn approaches, do you feel the desire to curl up in a cozy nest and with decoration to your liking? What colors and materials should be chosen to give your home that cocooning and well-being ambiance, dear to our Scandinavian friends? Are you tempted to create a cozy interior with a cozy decoration? From the sofa in the living room to the bathroom, by way of the bedroom, here are our ideas for decorating, organizing and storing to transform each room into a world true to the spirit of cocooning.

Storage is essential to feeling good in your home

To feel good in your home, what better way than a little tidying up before tackling the decoration? Indeed, tidying up allows you to organize your things, optimize space and reinforce the feeling of well-being. Looking for inspiration to improve the layout of your living room or bedroom? Here are our tips for an organized, zen-like home. Effective storage starts with a methodical sorting of all those objects that surround you and end up invading you. For optimal organization, choose space-saving furniture and accessories. Some good ideas to put into place: boxes and baskets that will help you assign a place to each thing. Depending on your tastes and your decorative desires, you can choose them in metal, wood, cardboard or fabric.

Good ideas for creating a cocooning decor

The tidying up stage is over. Your home organization is at its best! It's time to find the inspiration to make your interior an authentic haven with a cocooning atmosphere. Starting with the main room of the house: the living room. Here, there is no shortage of cocooning ideas. For a cozy and comfortable decor, choose accessories in light colors and soft materials. Follow the trend and choose among plaids and cushions in faux-fur or with fleece. Your sofa will be all the more welcoming. This advice also applies to the bedroom, which will adopt the cocooning spirit effortlessly. Your decorating ideas can be inspired from Scandinavian design, where neutral colors and natural wood work so well together. Now that each room has found its new decor, all that's left is to sublimate the other essential room of the house: the bathroom!

A cocooning bathroom

A cozy bathroom to recharge your batteries during your beauty routine, isn’t this your dream? Here are our tips for transforming your powder room into a Zen-style cocoon without changing your shower or bathtub. To be perfectly in the cocooning mood, don't hesitate to rework the decoration and lighting of your bathroom. Concentrate on the vanity unit, which you should preferably choose in raw or natural wood. Choose a subdued light. Better yet, opt for color-changing bulbs in chromotherapy mode. Light a candle and place a few decorative objects made of plant fibers, wicker, bamboo or banana leaves.

Transformed into a wellness and beauty space with a Zen spirit, your bathroom is ready to house your cocooning and Spa Maison routine!

Our cocooning rituals to make yourself feel good

Pampering yourself in cocooning mode, that's what our Home Spa treatments offer. For a real zen and rejuvenating moment, choose one of our Spa Kits in kit, combining a scrub with or without grains, a steam bath and a facial mask. Depending on your needs, you can opt for:

  • the Moisturizing Spa Ritual deeply quenching the most thirsty skins and plumping up fine lines and wrinkles ;
  • the Radiance Spa Ritual bringing instant radiance and vitality to your face ;
  • the Purifying Spa Ritual detoxifying the skin and illuminating the complexion, without shine ;
  • the Anti-Aging Spa Ritual revealing the skin’s youthfulness and the complexion’s radiance.

Qiriness face masks, a real cocooning moment

How to have beautiful skin all year long, despite the cold or the heat? At Qiriness, the face mask is the best ally for luminous skin and a glowing complexion. Moisturizing, radiance, purifying or anti-aging: depending on your skin type, you can choose from our face masks, the beauty treatment that best suits your needs.

Gentle skin renewal ideas

For skin perfectly freed of impurities, start with a gentle skin renewal using a gentle facial scrub such as:

  • Le Wrap Exfolys, an enzymatic scrub that promotes microcirculation for a spectacular resurfacing effect ;
  • Le Exfolys Wrap au Riz, an exfoliating mask with grains, ideal for unclogging pores and freeing the face of its dull veil.

Next, it's time to detoxify and purify your skin without aggressing it. Add a steam bath from the Sauna Visage line to your cocooning routine. Presented in the form of effervescent tablets, our aromatic steam baths are enriched with essential oils to offer you a moment of pure relaxation!

These two beauty treatments can be used once or twice a week, on dry or wet skin, avoiding the eye area.

10 tablets


Herbal Facial Steam Bath

Price €29.90
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Radiant Enzymatic Buffing...

Price €31.50
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