How to adopt a holistic beauty routine

How to adopt a holistic beauty routine

At Qiriness, we believe that the secret to beautiful skin comes as much from a focused beauty routine as it does from a balanced lifestyle. This comprehensive approach to beauty has a name: holistic beauty. Adopting the principles of holistic beauty means paying particular attention to the choice of face and body care products, giving priority to natural cosmetics that are good for you and for the environment. It also means adopting a positive lifestyle that promotes well-being of body and mind based on a healthy diet, regular physical activity and quality sleep. Facial yoga, facial massage, the art of Gua Sha: let's look together at how to bring holistic cosmetics into your beauty ritual to bring inner well-being and radiant skin together.

A natural beauty routine to pamper yourself and blossom

"Holos" in Greek means "whole". Just as holistic therapy takes into account the whole patient, a holistic beauty routine focuses as much on inner well-being as it does on the physical aspect. In other words, taking care of yourself according to the principles of holistic beauty is about finding a balance between body and mind. To radiate vitality and beauty, you must first act on your emotions. Stress and overwork, in particular, are well known for their negative impact on the skin's youth and radiance. Our tip for countering these undesirable effects? Treat yourself to moments of pleasure in a calm and zen atmosphere. Relaxation and serenity are the best boosters for your beauty ritual.

Sleep, exercise, healthy eating and well-being

Your holistic beauty routine begins with a zen state of mind that promotes positive emotions and inner well-being. Taking care of yourself through regular exercise, healthy eating and restful sleep is also a great way to approach the principles of natural beauty. Trying tai chi, indulging in organic products, watching your hydration and regularly taking a micro-nap will help you rediscover beautiful skin.

Toning the face with facial yoga

We've seen the principles of holistic beauty in its "inner wholeness" version. Now it's time to explore another facet of your holistic beauty routine: skin and facial care with facial yoga. This anti aging beauty tip allows you to discover how to tone your face to reduce expression lines and ensure better skin oxygenation. Each facial exercise focuses on one area of the face: eyes, lips, chin, cheekbones, crow's feet, eyebrows, forehead... To delay the effects of aging with a natural facial, why not try facial yoga? A holistic and complete method to improve your physical and mental well-being.

The benefits of facial massage, brighter and improved skin

Like facial yoga, facial massage can be part of your holistic beauty routine. Here, it's all about fighting the signs of aging by activating microcirculation and oxygen supply to cells. Learning how to do a facial or self-massage is the best way to keep your skin firm, fight wrinkles and rediscover a glowing complexion. You are free to choose the technique that suits you. Shiatsu facial is an anti aging facial massage that stimulates the meridians and energy points of the face. Kobido is an ancient Japanese facial massage that works on lymphatic flow and skin tissue firmness. Yu Yan anti-wrinkle facial massage is performed with a Jade roller to boost lymphatic drainage and free the skin from toxins.

What is Gua Sha massage

An ancient facial therapy, Gua Sha facial massage will fit into your holistic beauty routine. This massage from Asia takes its name from the Gua Sha stone which gently activates points along the meridians. At Qiriness, this heart-shaped massage tool is made of rose quartz, known for its beneficial action on the skin and blood circulation. To use the Gua Sha, nothing could be simpler. Apply a serum, an oil or a face care product that facilitates the sliding of this smooth stone on the skin. All you have to do is stimulate the different areas of the face with the Gua Sha, using movements from the eyebrows to the hair, from the nose to the temples, from the mouth to the ears and from the neck to the chin.

Qiriness, a holistic vision of beauty

Are you convinced by our holistic beauty principles? Then allow us to introduce you to the facials and natural cosmetics that can accompany your new global beauty routine. Facial steam baths, facial saunas, massage masks: discover our tips for creating the holistic beauty ritual that suits you.

In search of a holistic beauty routine

Looking for a ready-to-use holistic beauty routine that includes day and night treatments? The Active Énergy Lift Discovery Kit is the perfect solution to take care of your face in its globality. Made up of the Caresse Regard Énergie eye contour and Caresse Active Énergie Lift face cream, this remodeling anti-aging set also contains a Gua Sha stone to naturally boost the benefits of your skincare products.

Beautiful skin starts with detoxified skin

Tempted by a facial steam bath to free your skin of toxins and impurities? Discover our effervescent Facial Sauna tablets for a wellness experience combining the benefits of steam and the effectiveness of plant essences. This is a wonderful opportunity to take time for yourself before or after your facial yoga session.

The Spa at Home, a moment of well-being away from stress

There's nothing like a Spa Ritual for the face to stimulate microcirculation and erase tension! To deeply purify the skin and restore firmness and density, this holistic cosmetic treatment includes three steps:

  • An exfoliating step with Le Wrap Exfolys - Radiant Enzymatic Buffing Cream.
  • An aromatic steam bath step with the Sauna Visage in the form of effervescent tablets.
  • A mask step with, for example, Le Wrap Temps Sublime for radiant skin, a luminous complexion and a plumped-up face.

The best tissue masks for a relaxing moment

Our hectic lifestyles sometimes put a strain on the skin. Marked, dehydrated or dull, skin needs the immediate effectiveness of a concentrated care. To provide a targeted response, Qiriness offers its tissue facial masks. Wrap Hyal-Aqua, Wrap Purifiant, Wrap Éclat, Wrap d’Or, Wrap Yeux Hyal-Éclat, all our Single-Dose Wraps offer the skin an express boost in only 10 to 20 minutes.

The facial: the right gestures and products

Want to perform a facial massage with a purifying and moisturizing facial? Le Wrap Vitaminé, Radiance & Energy Mask beauty mask is the ideal ally for devitalized, dull and lacking radiance skin. Enriched with antioxidant superfruits and melting microbeads of Vitamin A & E, this massage mask combines gentle exfoliation and hydration. Packed with vitamins, skin is instantly smoothed, replumped and radiant.

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