Fresh, radiant skin with a minimalist beauty routine

Fresh, radiant skin with a minimalist beauty routine

To take care of your skin, there's no need to spend long hours in the bathroom. A new trend advocating minimalism is shaking up rules and establishing itself as the simplified beauty routine to adopt. This new ritual has a name: skip care. Its credo? Less is more! With it, we reduce our facial cares to a strict minimum by focusing on high quality beauty products that target the essential needs of each skin type. How to have fresh and radiant skin with a minimalist beauty routine? We explain in detail how to adopt "skin minimalism".

What is skip-care?

Skip-care means "skipping the skincare". The principle of this simplified beauty routine is clear: fewer beauty products, more quality and improved attention to one's needs. With this method, which praises the merits of rational consumption, or even zero waste, there are fewer skin care products. Only a minimum of natural and high quality products enter the bathroom. Here, the minimalist beauty routine keeps only the essentials: the cleaning of the skin and its deep hydration.

Good for your skin and your savings

Unlike layering, which advocates layering facial cares to optimize the complexion's radiance, skip-care "skips" a few steps in your beauty routine to allow skin to breathe naturally by retaining only what is necessary. Two essential steps comprise this minimalist ritual: makeup removal and moisturizing. Depending on each skin type, certain complementary beauty products can be added. This way of consuming beauty that generates less waste is not only good for your skin, it is also good for the planet and for your savings.

The steps to a minimalist beauty routine

To set up your minimalist beauty routine, take inspiration from skip-care and balance facial cares with sensible consumption. In your bathroom, rely on the basics summarized in two essential steps.

● Step 1: Cleansing the skin

To reduce as much as possible the number of skincare products entering your simplified beauty routine, prefer multipurpose products of natural composition. This can be a rinse-free skincare that removes makeup, cleanses and soothes or a cleansing and exfoliating fluid for a luminous skin with a refined texture.

● Step 2: Moisturizing skin cares

Once the skin is purified, all that's left to do is apply a moisturizer. Depending on your needs, you can target a day cream, a serum, an eye and lip care. Once a week, don't hesitate to use a scrub to oxygenate your skin and a mask to enhance your skin’s radiance.

Before selecting the beauty products to include in your minimalist ritual, it is more important than ever to identify your skin type. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to answer the questions in our My personalized diagnosis section.

Our selection of products to adopt a minimalist beauty routine

Facial cleansers, enzymatic exfoliators, moisturizers, here's our selection of facial cares for a minimalist beauty routine in a skip-care version.

A cleanser that respects the skin's balance

The first step in your simplified beauty routine is based on deep skin cleansing. The Divine Mousse Facial Cleanser removes makeup, purifies and reduces excess sebum. Thanks to its cocooning and featherweight effect, it eliminates impurities in depth and attenuates imperfections with softness and delicacy. The complexion is fresh, clean and matte. Imperfections are minimized, skin quality is improved.

A grain-free enzymatic scrub to activate cell renewal

For a natural skin renewal, what better way than a dual-action smoothing and softening enzymatic scrub? With Le Wrap Exfolys, Radiance Enzymatic Scrub, the complexion is luminous and flawless. By activating microcirculation, this grain-free facial scrub contributes to better cell renewal. The result? A spectacular resurfacing effect with smoothed and softened skin, a radiant and matte complexion, visibly refined skin texture and tightened pores.

Moisturizing care to provide all the suppleness and prevent aging

After freeing the skin of all its impurities, it is necessary to ensure its hydration. For your minimalist beauty routine, we have selected two face cares with natural compositions.

Start with the intense  moisturizing serum Élixir Source d'Eau, a real protective shield fighting against tightness and external aggressions. Ideal in all seasons, it rescues thirsty skin, especially upon the arrival of summer and the approach of winter.

For immediate hydration, long-lasting suppleness and optimal protection, we have chosen for you the Caresse Source d'Eau protective moisturizing cream. Acting as a hydration bath, this skin care product provides an immediate sensation of comfort. This intensely moisturizing face care is suitable for all skin types and is particularly suitable for dehydrated and tight skin.

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