Exfoliation, a key beauty gesture

Exfoliation, a key beauty gesture

What does exfoliation mean and why is it important in beauty?

Skin exfoliation, also known as scrubbing, consists of gently removing dead cells from the upper layers of the skin with the action of a natural or chemical product.

Exfoliation completes the natural process of cellular regeneration of our epidermis in order to eliminate all the dead cells on the surface.

These cells tend to dull the complexion. Exfoliating the skin on the face is therefore essential to make it clearer, softer and for a more radiant complexion. Skin breathes and glows with health.

Our advice for an optimal facial exfoliation

It is important to exfoliate your skin gently, especially for fragile skin. It is therefore essential to choose your scrub according to your skin type, and to take the time to carry out your ritual with the right gestures. It is also important to refer to the directions for use indicated on the product.
The exfoliation should be carried out once or twice a week throughout the year, as part of your home spa ritual or as a preliminary step to the application of daily treatment cares (serum, cream). It is also advisable to exfoliate a few days before sun exposure for a more uniform and luminous tan.
Beauty tip: Remember to moisturize your skin after each exfoliation by applying a moisturizing cream such as Caresse Source d'Eau or a moisturizing mask such as Le Wrap d'Eau in order to allow your epidermis to preserve its softness and elasticity.

What are the different types of facial exfoliants?

Skin type will determine the choice of exfoliator to use. Choosing an exfoliant adapted to your skin is essential for optimal results. There are two types of facial exfoliators in the Qiriness product range:

Le Wrap Exfolys au Riz exfoliator with a double mechanical and chemical action. The grains present in the scrub help remove dead cells due to the action of the massage. This type of exfoliant is mainly suitable for normal to combination skin.

Le Wrap Exfolys grain-free exfoliator has a double mechanical and enzymatic action. The latter allows for the elimination of dead cells without a scrubbing action thanks to the enzymes present in the treatment care. This type of exfoliant is gentler and is ideal for sensitive skin or skin lacking firmness.

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