Cocooning skincare tips to do in winter

Cocooning skincare tips to do in winter

Cocooning skincare tips to do in winter

In winter, your skin has new needs. Cold, wind, humidity and temperature variations weaken the epidermis. Redness, dullness and other irregularities are some examples of the inconveniences suffered by dry skin of course, but also other skin types. The beauty routine to adopt in winter consists first and foremost of moisturizing the skin. Moisturizing cream, face mask, home spa treatment: how to organize your special cold weather cocooning beauty ritual? Here are our winter beauty tips to keep your skin soft and supple despite the wind, rain or snow.

Limiting the effects of screens on the skin

The screen of your computer and cell phone emits a large amount of blue light. Penetrating the epidermis even deeper than UV rays, it causes oxidative stress to skin cells and can accelerate skin aging. It modifies the secretion of melatonin which regulates the sleep/wake cycle. Overexposing the skin of one's face to blue light can lead to the following consequences:

  • Loss of radiance in the complexion ;
  • Premature appearance of dark circles and wrinkles ;
  • Occurrence of pigment spots.

To take care of your skin by promoting its cellular regeneration, you must adapt your beauty routine. Starting by disconnecting from social networks and turning off your screens. Avoiding blue light before going to bed promotes restful sleep. And we know that quality sleep is not only essential for your health, but also brings many benefits to your skin. To prepare for this restful and rejuvenating night, what could be better than a cocooning evening? Let's see together how to organize it.

The essentials for a cocooning evening

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to host a cocooning party. As night falls, you're about to enjoy a moment of absolute serenity. At Qiriness, the recipe for a successful evening of relaxation starts with a cozy atmosphere. Scented candles, comfortable pajamas, a good movie and a soft blanket are the essentials for your cocooning evening at home. Among the many ideas for letting go, why not prepare a relaxing bath followed by a facial such as a steam bath and a moisturizing face mask? Comforting and soothing, these two must-haves in your special winter cocooning routine can be complemented by a manicure or foot beauty.

A complete skincare routine for winter

Hand and foot care, facials, Home Spa, women's gift set: here is our selection to integrate into your daytime beauty ritual and evening routine in winter and autumn to keep your skin pretty despite the cold.

The right routine for your hands

With the cold weather, your hands and cuticles dry out. To protect them and restore their softness, why not give them a moisturizing treatment with the Hydra-Repair Hand Wrap. Presented in the form of gloves, this soft and smooth hand mask is enriched with nourishing, smoothing and protective natural oils and active ingredients. You can also use Caresse Mains Velours, a protective and moisturizing cream for daily hand care during this cold season.

Feet as soft as a baby's

In winter, the cold weather also makes your feet suffer. Take advantage of your cocooning evening to give them all the moisture they need with the Hydra-Repair Foot Wrap. Designed like a care sock, this soft and smooth foot mask nourishes, softens and repairs even very dry feet and heels.

Comforting facial skin against winter conditions

When the winter chill starts to show its face, the priority of your beauty ritual is to protect and moisturize your skin. Among winter face care products, opt for richer, more moisturizing formulas. The Source d'Eau collection is particularly well suited to protecting the skin from external aggressions. Ideal in winter when skin is tight, the Source d'Eau Elixir Intense Moisturizing Serum acts like a shield. It recharges the epidermis with water: the skin is plumped up and plumped up, wrinkles and fine lines of dehydration fade away, the face looks good again. To optimize the benefits of the serum, don't hesitate to use the Caresse Source d'Eau protective moisturizer as a complement. A true hydration bath for your skin, this airy-textured treatment provides an immediate sensation of comfort.

This weekend, prepare yourself for a Spa moment without leaving home

During your relaxing weekend or cocooning evening, how about a Spa at Home? With its Facial Spa Ritual, Qiriness lets you enjoy a salon-like treatment without leaving your bathroom. The Home Spa Kit includes:

  • An exfoliating treatment ;
  • An aromatic facial steam bath in the form of effervescent pebbles;
  • A face mask;

The Home Spa Ritual comes in versions:

  • Radiance Spa Ritual offering instant radiance and vitality to your face ;
  • Purifying Spa Ritual dedicated to combination to oily skin for a luminous and shine-free complexion ;
  • Hydrating Spa Ritual intensely quenching for the driest skins ;
  • Anti-Aging Spa Ritual caring for mature skin lacking firmness and density.

Turn your bathroom into a winter spa with effervescent pebbles

To make your Winter Spa at Home a pure cocooning moment, pack an aromatic effervescent pebble for a relaxing milky bath. Immerse yourself in the warmth of lilac-hued water and be enchanted by its sensory scent with de-stressing properties!

Give yourself a treat or treat yourself to a box to better face winter

To face winter in beauty, Qiriness has developed facial care kits dedicated to each skin type. It's up to you to choose the women's gift set that will suit your needs or those you want to pamper. Among these beauty gift sets for "Her", you will find:

  • Single-Dose Face Mask Kits;
  • Sublime Light, Rich or Night Time Boxes;
  • the Caress Boxes Source d'Eau, Active Énergie or Temps Sublime ;
  • the Radiance Ritual, Moisturizing Ritual, Purifying Ritual Kits.
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