Christmas is coming up, gift ideas to take care of yourself

Christmas is coming up, gift ideas to take care of yourself

The holidays are approaching and you want to find a beauty gift idea for your loved ones. Why not offer a moment of relaxation and well-being as a Christmas gift? Facial care, Home Spa, beauty box, women's gift set, men's Christmas gift: here is our special "Christmas gift idea" selection to take care of yourself and stay zen all winter long.

Give the gift of well-being

What better Christmas gift idea than to offer a moment of well-being to those you love? Whether it's a man's gift or a woman's gift, Qiriness offers a special Christmas selection to help you find the beauty gift set that is sure to please. For a Zen Christmas under the sign of relaxation, why not offer a beauty box focused on well-being like the Rituel Spa Maison. For a beauty routine perfectly adapted to each skin type, don't hesitate to look at the facial care products. You're bound to find the Discovery Kit or the women's gift box containing all the essentials to take care of yourself.

Qiriness, beauty routines for everyone

Which women's gift set to offer for a Christmas synonymous with well-being and relaxation? Discover our special "beauty gift box" selection and spot the care offer adapted to the one you wish to pamper during the end of year celebrations. Facials, beauty routines, home spas: find the ideal beauty box to take care of yourself and your skin all winter long.

Looking for a Christmas gift for men? Qiriness MEN offers unique skin care products that meet the needs of today's men. Among our gift ideas for men, take a look at the Bonne Mine Care, the Moisturizing Balm or the Beard Fluid.

A thoughtful gift tailored to the person receiving it

Home Spa Kit, women's gift set, men's facial... Whatever Christmas gift you're looking for, Qiriness has a wealth of beauty gift ideas in store. Whether it's a Christmas gift for men or for women, you're sure to find the rare pearl among our selection of beauty gift sets for a holiday season with a wellness, Zen and relaxation accent.

Give yourself a beauty break

For a zen Christmas, we have just the gift idea you need: the Qiriness Home Spa treatment. This Home Spa Kit allows you to enjoy a salon-like treatment without moving from your bathroom. This relaxation and well-being box includes :

  • an exfoliating treatment ; - an aromatic facial steam bath in the form of effervescent pebbles;
  • a face mask.

Depending on your skin type, you can choose from our collection:

  • the Intensely Hydrating Spa Ritual for the driest skin types;
  • the Anti-Aging Spa Ritual for mature skin lacking firmness and density;
  • the Radiance Spa Ritual that instantly gives your face radiance and vitality;
  • the Purifying Spa Ritual dedicated to combination to oily skin for a luminous, shine-free complexion.

Discover our selection of skincare sets

What better mark of attention for the holiday season than a Christmas beauty gift box for "Her"? Qiriness has developed beauty boxes dedicated to each skin type. You will find the following products. - Single-dose face mask kits containing different types of wraps to take care of your face, - Sublime Light, Rich or Night Time Boxes to protect mature skin. - Source d'Eau, Active Énergie or Temps Sublime caress boxes for each skin type. - Home Spa Kits Radiance Ritual, Moisturizing Ritual, Purifying Ritual according to your needs.

To take care of yourself and your skin, you can also draw inspiration from our collection of Qiriness discovery kits. These Duo Cream and Serum Offers offer you the opportunity to discover a complete daily skincare routine for every skin type. These Qiriness Discovery Kits are true web exclusives that come in four versions:

  • Kit Découverte Temps Sublime, a Global Anti-Aging duo of day and night creams specially developed for mature skin.
  • Kit Découverte Source d'Eau, a moisturizing duo for continuous skin protection.
  • Active Energy Discovery Kit, a Youthful Radiance Day & Night duo for a protective action during the day and regenerating action at night.
  • Perfect Radiance Discovery Kit, an Anti-Spot & Anti-Pollution duo to preserve skin from external aggressions and blue light.

Some beauty gift ideas for men

Taking care of yourself in a masculine way is what the Qiriness MEN collection offers with its fluids and balms specifically designed for today's men. Among the most popular gift ideas for men, let yourself be convinced by a facial treatment like the Bonne Mine Homme treatment or the Moisturizing Balm. To complement the action of these formulas specially adapted to men's skin, why not turn to a beard care gift? Designed to nourish and soften, the Beard Fluid also makes it easier to trim or shave.

Care products to give from 50 years old

Choosing as a Christmas gift a facial care to sublimate the beauty of mature skin, you are tempted? With the Temps Sublime collection, offer a unique sensory experience to reveal the radiance of the face or the sparkle of the eyes.

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