Beauty tips to be perfect on your wedding day

Beauty tips to be perfect on your wedding day

Do you want to be resplendent and serene on the most beautiful day of your life? Then follow our tips for taking care of your skin and mind before the wedding! We'll help you get organized every step of the way with our beauty and wellness tips, to make you a relaxed and radiant bride. Discover without further ado the special beauty planning we've concocted for you... Hair, makeup, face, body, mind, we've thought of everything...

Beauty preparations and relaxation 6 to 8 months before the important day

To shine on this key day, it is important to start early in order to prepare the big day with serenity. And what is more important than the well-being of the body and mind to approach the wedding with peace of mind and be the most beautiful when the time comes? So, let the preparations begin! Rendezvous 6 or even 8 months before to anticipate as best as possible the different stages of your journey towards the big day... At this stage, we start by laying the foundations of a healthy mind in a healthy body and we start with the cures that take a little time before delivering their long-awaited results, for example, for the beauty of our hair...

Vitaminize your hair

For hair like a mermaid on the big day, vitaminizing your hair is a good idea! In addition to limiting their loss, it will stimulate their growth. Having beautiful hair depends on several conditions: genetic capital, quality of your hair care but also the health of your body. For dense, voluminous hair that grows faster, focus on vitamins, especially B vitamins which stimulate cell renewal and promote hair growth. To give your hair a boost, you can start a course of dietary supplements enriched with B vitamins or opt for one of the many alternatives available to you, such as brewer's yeast, royal jelly or spirulina, all of which are conducive to a dreamy head of hair.

Start a face and body beauty routine

To be the most beautiful from head to toe on your wedding day, start with a complete face and body care routine to adopt months before the wedding. And beautiful skin is something you have to prepare for! As soon as you can, find the facial care routine that will be most conducive to beautiful, healthy skin. Moisture, radiance, purity, firming, anti-aging... whatever your needs, it's important to meet your needs with sensorial, effective and natural facial cares.

Discover our range of face cares worthy of a Home Spa to combine the best of nature with a unique sensoriality, and relax all your senses as the wedding approaches. And don't neglect your body because it is necessary to moisturize it daily to dazzle in a splendid wedding dress. Arms, legs, feet and hands, for sublime skin, no area of the body should be allowed to dry out or lack in moisture.

Start with an alternative medicine follow-up to feel good about yourself

If you feel the need, don't hesitate to evaluate your current state in order to optimize, if necessary, your general well-being. Whether it means consulting a dietician to feel more comfortable in your wedding dress or a specialist to manage the growing stress as the big day approaches, it is recommended to be accompanied by a professional in order to reach precise objectives in a limited time. To lighten your mind and say goodbye to pressure, there are many choices: sophrology, meditation, a spa session in an institute or simply at home with Qiriness treatments for the face and body...

Take up sports and/or yoga to relax and prepare a wedding body!

And if you prefer to stay in your bubble, yoga or any other sport activity can prove to be a good solution to find an internal and external well-being while preparing your wedding body. Nothing better to kill two birds with one stone! Different yoga disciplines are available and promise different benefits. Yoga Hatha, Ashtanga or Vinyasa (there are others) are all disciplines more or less intense and dynamic to reconnect with yourself, those around you but also find a physical and mental well-being.

Two to four months before the D-day: time to try!

Between two to four months before the wedding, more concrete things take shape... Make way for alterations to the wedding dress, makeup and hair sessions to find what will flatter us best on the big day. To shine, it is important not to neglect anything. The bride will be the queen of the day and deserves the best in every way. We guide you through these sacred steps to make you the most beautiful bride!

Try Different Hairstyles

If you've followed our previous tips on how to vitaminize your hair, you're sporting a pretty head of hair at this stage of the preparations. Now it's time to try out different hairstyles to find the one that will best flatter the shape of your face. You can call on a professional to guide and advise you, and why not do one or more tests. Loose hair, buns, straight or with waves, the possibilities are endless. Whatever your choice, it is advised not to wash your hair the day before the wedding. Too slippery, it may prevent your hairstyle from holding well. It's best to wash and dry it two days before the wedding.

Test different makeup and skin care creams

This is also the right time to let your imagination run wild and test your makeup ideas. There's no need for makeup that requires hours of preparation, it's all about being yourself, while sublimating your face. And for that, nothing is better than sure values. Try out makeup with a professional makeup artist or ask someone you know to help you find the perfect combination for your wedding. In addition to finding your makeup beauty allies, combine them with effective skin care treatments such as a scrub or a cream mask to apply beforehand, to will promote a radiant complexion. Skincare is also a step not to be neglected so as to improve your make-up hold, this is the case especially with our monodose masks or our face creams.

Prepare your complexion

To avoid ending up with a pale complexion, dark circles under the eyes or a small pimple that appears in the middle of the forehead on your wedding day, here are our tips for preparing your complexion. First of all, choose ingredients that promote a healthy glow in your diet. Carrots, dried apricots, green vegetables, kiwis, red fruits... There are a wide variety of superfoods that help to revive the complexion naturally! So, make room for them on your plate two to four months before your big day, to help in your quest for a healthy glow! Also, if the season is right, feel free to get a little sun, while of course avoiding sunburn, and try to tan as evenly as possible to avoid unflattering bathing suit marks.

One week before the wedding

A week before the wedding, the serious things begin... It is high time to perfect the last details and especially everything that you will not necessarily have had time to do before, in the rush of wedding preparations or simply everything that could not be done earlier... Everything in its own time, so it is quite logical that you will still have some preparation to do during this last week.

Exfoliate your skin

Smooth, flawless skin for the big day: this is every bride's dream... The week before your wedding, pamper your face with a Qiriness 3-Step Home Spa Ritual consisting of a scrub, steam bath and mask for an exfoliated, detoxified skin with a glow like no other. You can also complete these key beauty steps with self-massages or a facial at an institute to completely de-stress your features. It is recommended, however, that you start taking care of your skin well before the last week of your wedding to maximize the results of your facials.

Make an appointment with the beautician

To reveal beautiful legs on your big day and have a well-defined look, stop by the beautician three days before your event. Here too, let yourself be guided by hair removal professionals. It is advisable to exfoliate your body the day before your waxing session in order to facilitate the removal of hair, as the skin is smoother. Exfoliation has another benefit: it also smoothes skin texture for satiny, sublimated legs and underarms.

The day before the wedding

The day before the wedding is coming up, and you don't know what key steps to take at this point in your planning? Let our final tips guide you to complete your wedding preparation ritual in style!

Apply a relaxing eye patch

Fatigue, stress, and any other inconveniences related to the preparations should not be observed on your pretty face. To avoid finding yourself facing your better half with a creased and tired look at this crucial moment, don't forget to draw upon your anti-fatigue eye patches like a secret weapon the night before or in the morning before applying your makeup! This targeted eye contour treatment will decongest, brighten and smooth your eye area in a single step, for a gentle gaze when the time comes to say yes...

Purify and moisturize your skin

If you've ever been inconsistent in your skincare application up to the day before your wedding, don't panic! It's still not too late to start, but it is then recommended to favor S.O.S skincare products with formidable efficiency to boost hydration or purify your skin according to its need of the moment. To plump up your skin overnight, apply a thick layer of our Le Wrap d'Eau balm at bedtime. And to get rid of spots, apply our purifying mask Le Wrap Terre d'Orient locally on them, and leave it on all night.

Take care of your hands and feet with a manicure

Finally, to be the most beautiful from top to bottom, don't neglect your nails. Opt for a pretty nude shade for a 100% natural effect or more color depending on your taste and your outfit for the day. Combine your classic, gel or semi-permanent nail polish with a manicure and pedicure for an ultra-clean look from head to toe. And if you don't have time to go to an institute, moisturize your hands and feet with a moisturizing and nourishing hand cream, a simple gesture that will make all the difference!

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