Beauty tips for the holidays

Beauty tips for the holidays

Looking beautiful and natural as the holiday season looms on the horizon, are you ready? Whether it's Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, now is the perfect time to pull out all the stops! Facials, Home Spa treatments, express beauty, natural makeup, we share our beauty tips for the holidays for a sublimated skin, smoothed eyes and radiant smile.

How to prepare your skin for the holidays

Being beautiful for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve requires a little anticipation. Like the advent calendar, adopt your special holiday beauty routine from the beginning of December. Start by preparing your facial skin with a beauty program that focuses on eliminating toxins and providing deep hydration. To bring out your skin's full potential, why not incorporate our Home Spa Ritual into your year-end beauty routine? Just like in a beauty salon, this facial treatment consists of three steps: the exfoliation, the steam bath and the face mask. Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a moisturizing, matifying, revitalizing or anti-aging treatment. On the day of, all you have to do is give your skin the final treatment touches for a sublime makeup.

Care for your skin for a sublime makeover

The holiday season is here! Here's our beauty tip for sublime makeup for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Before applying your make-up products, you should first prepare your face. Your beauty routine will start with cleansing the skin with a gentle exfoliator. Skin is free of impurities. It can now receive the facial that will moisturize and soothe. In addition to your usual beauty cares, don't hesitate to give your skin an express boost with one of our single-dose tissue face masks. Preparing the skin before makeup also means taking care of your eyes with an eye contour mask in the form of hydrogel patches or an eye contour treatment for a dark circle and puffiness-free makeover. All that's left to do is apply your make-up base. Depending on the effect you're looking for, you can opt for a BB Cream or a Healthy Glow Care for a natural and luminous beauty look.

The beauty routine for your Christmas or New Year's Eve parties

To sublimate your holiday makeup, you need to prepare your face. From the Home Spa treatment, to the eye mask and facial products: here is our beauty program for your Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Tips for a fresh, glowing complexion

To prepare your face for the prettiest holiday makeup, Qiriness offers its Home Spa treatment. After gently exfoliating your skin, the Sauna Visage step allows you to rediscover a radiant complexion thanks to the steam bath that promotes the elimination of toxins. Presented in the form of effervescent tablets, these treatments combine the benefits of steam with the natural effectiveness of essential oils. To make this moment of relaxation a pure moment of pleasure, our steam baths are available in three fragrances:

  • Finland with woody notes reminiscent of the traditional Finnish sauna.
  • Bali with the fresh scent of lotus flowers.
  • Marrakech with the sweet scent of orange blossom, fig and mint tea.

To perform your steam bath like a pro, don't hesitate to equip yourself with the Facial Sauna machine offered as a web exclusive with the Qiriness Home Spa Kits.

The pre-party beauty program: express result mask and festive makeup

After the scrub and the steam bath, your special holiday make-up beauty routine must include a moisturizer. So here is the time for the face mask. To combine a booster effect with a good make-up base, we recommend using our single-dose tissue face masks. Among these express beauty treatments, you can choose :

  • Le Wrap Eclat, a tissue mask with Rose petals and antioxidant vitamins that reactivates the complexion's radiance and refines skin texture.
  • Le Wrap Hyal-Aqua, a tissue face mask enriched with a trio of hyaluronic acid and Camellia extract that intensely moisturizes, replumps and regenerates the skin
  • Le Wrap Purifiant, a tissue mask with Citrus and Tea Tree extracts for detoxified skin, tightened pores and a matte complexion.

Le Wrap d’Or, a tissue mask imbibed with 24-karat gold and Immortelle flower that regenerates, firms and smoothes the skin to reveal its radiance.

Light up the evening with your gaze

For an express targeted beauty routine, discover our Wrap Yeux Hyal-Eclat eye contour mask. This eye mask comes in the form of hydrogel patches imbibed with a powerful serum enriched with natural active ingredients. Decongesting and draining, this eye beauty care soothes and moisturizes the eye contour, smoothes out features, reduces puffiness and blurs dark circles.

Are you tempted to illuminate your eyes with a golden elixir with draining and decongesting properties? This is what the eye contour treatment Élixir Regard Éclat offers. With its relaxing and moisturizing active ingredients, it reduces dark circles and puffiness and decongests the eyelids. Smoothed out, the eye contour area rediscovers its silky appearance.

Luminous, stress-free beauty for the naturalist

Before you pull out your eyeshadow and lipstick, your beauty routine requires one last step: preparation of the complexion.

For a natural glow and a perfectly even complexion, apply our Corrective and Illuminating BB Cream to your cleansed and moisturized skin. A true complexion perfector, this ultra-light tinted care product can be used as a day care for those who prefer a natural look. Under foundation, it can also be used as an excellent make-up base for optimal coverage.

Do you want an immediate and natural glow? Opt for Soin Bonne Mine, Sunkissed Energizing Gel. Suitable for all skin tones, this unique and universal moisturizing beauty treatment releases its pigments for a luminous complexion and skin full of energy.


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