Beauty routines for soft skin in winter

Beauty routines for soft skin in winter

With the arrival of wind and cold, we all ask ourselves the question: how does one take care of one’s skin in winter? Tightness, redness, rough hands and feet, chapped lips, all are visible signs of dry skin lacking moisture. What winter facial care products should you choose to moisturize your skin? Is there a winter beauty tip to keep your skin beautiful and your complexion glowing despite the harshness of the cold? Here are some tips to incorporate into your winter beauty routine to save your skin until spring!

Why can winter be hard on our skin?

Dry skin, dry hands, chapped lips: winter can be tough on our skin. The reason? Lack of hydration caused by a decrease in ambient humidity when it's cold or the heater is on. As air becomes drier, it absorbs moisture from the skin. Dry skin becomes fragile and the hydrolipidic film no longer fulfills its barrier function. Our winter beauty tip to protect your skin from the cold? Adapt your beauty routine in winter with a nourishing skin care specially formulated for dry to very dry skin. For good measure, don't hesitate to add to your facial cares other winter treatments like a protective hand cream or a moisturizing foot mask.

Hydrate the skin to protect its hydrolipidic film

The guarantor of skin's suppleness and hydration, the hydrolipidic film acts as an external protective barrier. It is primarily made up of sweat, sebum and water from the deep layers of the skin. In winter, the quantity and quality of the hydrolipidic film changes due to dry air and cold. Sebum production diminishes and the hydrolipidic film does not perform as well as it should: to protect skin from the cold. The result? Dry skin. To prevent or compensate for this loss of moisture, here is our winter beauty tip: drink 1.5L of water per day and use a rich nourishing care product for the face as well as for other parts of the body.

Circulation impairment and dry skin

Why do we get dry skin in winter? Under the effect of cold weather, blood vessels contract. This phenomenon of vasoconstriction leads to a disruption of blood circulation and eventually can be felt on the skin. Microcirculation is slower, cells renew themselves less quickly. Water does not circulate properly and skin loses its hydration.

What is the solution to protect your skin from the cold? Adopt a targeted beauty routine to prevent water contained in the horny layer from escaping. The skin barrier must be boosted to play its role as a shield by applying a rich facial care that can replace the skin's natural water and lipids. This nourishing care should be combined with a beauty routine that prioritizes benevolent and protective gestures as much as possible: gentle cleansing, weekly exfoliation, moisturizing serum, moisturizing and protective cream, comforting mask, nourishing body care.

Herbal teas that calm, relax and hydrate us from the inside out

Winter is more than ever the right time for herbal teas. Synonymous with relaxation and cocooning, herbal teas help us fight the cold and purify our bodies. As a complement to your winter facial, don't hesitate to include a hibiscus tea in your beauty routine, a champion of hydration and a true ally of dry skin. For a zen touch, why not combine it with a Spa moment, accompanied by a relaxing bath and a nourishing treatment care?

How to take care of your skin in winter

Taking care of your skin in winter means, above all, preserving a constant level of hydration and strengthening the hydrolipidic film. Cleansing milk, nourishing care for the face specifically for dry skin, mask for the hands or for the feet, moisturizing care for the body ... Here is our selection to have soft skin in winter, despite the cold and wind.

A gentle cleansing milk to remove impurities

In winter, skin needs specific cares starting with the makeup removal stage. Fragilized by the cold and wind, the lipidic barrier must be treated delicately with a gentle cleanser. The Exquisite Cleansing Milk perfectly respects the balance of the hydrolipidic film. The unctuous and velvety texture of this facial care softens the skin and guarantees an optimal level of hydration.

Hydrate and nourish the skin in depth

To keep your skin at the peak of its hydration, don't hesitate to add Caresse Temps Sublime Riche nourishing face cream to your beauty routine. This Global Well-Aging Redensifying Cream with its rich texture offers volume, firmness and softness to the driest skin.

Ideal night care in cold weather

Like all other skin types, dry skin has different needs during the day and night. In cold weather, don't hesitate to incorporate Caresse Temps Sublime Nuit, Global Well-Aging Revitalising Night Cream, into your winter skin care routine. This nourishing facial care repairs and regenerates the skin while you sleep.

Protect the hands, the first ones exposed to the ravages of cold

Protecting your skin from the cold also means taking care of your dry hands in winter. With its smooth and light texture, Caresse Mains Velours, Hand & Nail Beauty Cream, intensely nourishes the most damaged dry hands. This highly moisturizing treatment should be used as often as possible and after each hand wash. As an intensive treatment, it can be applied alternately with the Soft & Smooth Hand Mask presented in the form of moisturizing gloves. Imbibed with a smooth cream enriched with oils and natural active ingredients, they nourish, smooth and protect hands and nails from external aggressions.

Soft feet even in winter

Winter, cold weather and the wearing of closed shoes put a strain on feet. Wrap Pieds Hydra-Repair, Soft & Smooth Foot Mask, nourishes, softens and repairs the skin on feet and heels. Presented in a sock-like form, this foot treatment is specially designed to give you all the benefits of a spa-pedicure at home.

A moisturizer for my body?

At the top of our winter beauty tips to keep skin soft despite the cold and wind, let us introduce you to the Body Wrap Hydra-Relax moisturizer. This moisturizing body balm nourishes and tones the skin without any greasy effect. It is used after washing, when skin is still slightly wet. A true cocoon of softness, this body care product specially designed for dry and tight skin will seduce you with its soft fragrance and comforting texture.

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