When was the last time you had a relaxing evening after a long day at work or simply over the weekend? If you can't remember, it's high time you gave yourself a break after your long day to pamper yourself in the evening. The key words for this moment? Care, well-being and sleep, of course! We guide you and suggest the best routines and good habits to adopt to reduce your daily stress and relax your body and mind, for a restful sleep.

List your tasks and prepare for the next day

Organization is the key to wellness. If you're not convinced, we'll explain why. By being more organized in your professional and personal life, you can drastically lower the stress that surrounds you. A to do list, prioritization of tasks... All this allows you to structure your days in the best possible way and to enjoy them as serenely as possible. We therefore advise you to list your objectives and upcoming missions (at least those of the next day) and to prepare your tasks in advance. Check the weather, prepare your outfit and beauty care routine, choose your shoes and even your handbag and why not even your meal... These are all elements that you can plan the night before so that you don't have to ask yourself the question when you jump out of bed. You can even become addicted to organization by getting started now!

Turn off screens and spend time with your loved ones

For the majority of us, we spend much of our day behind screens. In the evening, it's time to disconnect. Although this may seem drastic, it has many benefits. Firstly, the blue light present in our screens disrupts our biological clock and therefore delays sleep and/or creates multiple awakenings. Secondly, once again the cause, blue light is also harmful to our skin by generating oxidative stress. And if you need a third reason to limit screens, here it is: spending quality time with those around you in the evening. It's important to exchange and check in with your spouse and/or children and/or roommates.

Clean and tidy your home

Our daily environment has more impact on our overall well-being than we realize. In the evening, when you return home, we advise you to clean and tidy your home. This will allow you on the one hand not to accumulate a general disorder and on the other hand, to take full advantage of your interior all evening. Your mind will be lightened in this orderly context, conducive to relaxation...

Stop excitants 3 hours before your bedtime

A good evening routine also rhymes with a peaceful night. For a baby's sleep, it is not recommended to consume excitants a few hours before bedtime. Coffee, tea, alcohol and cola are considered sleep disruptors. Conversely, you can opt for warm plant-based drinks such as herbal teas or infusions that, thanks to the plants they contain (Lime, Verbena, Chamomile, Passionflower), act on balance of nerves and sleep.

Avoid intense physical exercise

In the evening, sport has an influence on our night's sleep. Playing sports just before sleeping is to be avoided. This is because intense exercise at night leads to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. During a sports session, the body warms up to protect itself from muscular damage and accidents. The energy produced is transformed into heat, raising the body temperature. At the same time, the body makes important hormonal changes by secreting testosterone, adrenaline and endorphins. These hormones keep the brain in a state of alertness. Naturally, this state is not conducive to falling asleep and getting a good night's sleep because if you practice just before bedtime, the body does not have time to calm down. On the other hand, you can perform a sports activity 2h to 4h before bedtime, although generally speaking, the best time to exercise remains in the morning.

Eat balanced and light

The content on your dinner plate influences the quality of your sleep and your figure! In the evening, in fact the body tends to store fat, so it is recommended to avoid heavy dishes rich in calories. In addition, if you eat too heavy, digestion is difficult and can disturb your rest: stomach cramps, spasms, waking up at night ... To sleep peacefully, favor ingredients whose nutrients promote the production of sleep hormones or regulators of the biological clock.

Set up a spiritual ritual

Before bed, take advantage of a tranquil state of mind to adopt a spiritual ritual all to yourself. Meditation, yoga, ASMR session or any other relaxing practice conducive to relaxation is recommended. For this moment of relaxation, try to isolate yourself as much as possible from your surroundings in order to appreciate all the benefits. It is a moment just for you, an intimate moment that prepares you to plunge into vivid dreams...

Write in a journal or practice a quiet manual activity

If you need to externalize certain moments accumulated during the day and put them on paper, nothing better than a diary or "bullet journal" (also known as bujo). It will allow you to write down your ideas, memories, emotions but also your appreciations, i.e. the things for which you are grateful. A practice with multiple benefits for your psychological, moral and even physical health to be integrated into your evening routine without delay. And to combine relaxation and creativity, why not start coloring? This calm manual activity allows you to develop your creative abilities while de-stressing...

Meditate and lose yourself in positive thoughts

In the same vein as writing or coloring, meditating and generating positive thoughts is a great way to end the day. Affirmations that need to be said with great conviction if we want to feel the positive effect they have on us: "I am great", "I live in the moment", "I make good decisions"... These mantras to be personalized as desired must be repeated with regularity to anchor them in us.

Do breathing exercises

Another tip to decompress when it's time to go to bed: breathing exercises. This natural and vital gesture is a very good way to erase the tensions accumulated during the day and to find sleep. Andrew Weil's 4-7-8 method, cardiac coherence or even lunar breathing are just some of the techniques to progressively relax and end the day in style.

Shelve the bad parts of your day

Do you tend to be overwhelmed by a bunch of negative thoughts at bedtime? Shut them down! There are different techniques to help you on this path: talk to someone who provides good advice, count on meditation, work on your psychological anchors... And for those who do not succeed with any of these methods, an American study has shown that the later we go to bed and sleep less, the more likely we are to suffer from unpleasant intrusive thoughts without being able to control them. You know what has to be done...

Offer yourself a soothing beauty routine

A principle at the heart of the Qiriness concept, holistic beauty approaches beauty in its entirety. It's not just about the appearance of skin. It is about taking into account beauty in a more "authentic" way, a state that emanates from the inside but also from the outside. Taking care of one's skin and feeling beautiful is therefore recommended to feel good more generally. Scrubs, masks, serums, creams, it's up to you to compose your perfect evening beauty routine, the one that will reveal your beauty in the morning...

Enjoy the relaxing effects of the Wrap d’Eau

To moisturize your skin and offer it the benefits of a mask while you sleep, opt for Le Wrap d'Eau. This S.O.S Extreme Moisture Balm with a gel-cream texture is applied in a thick layer to very dehydrated skin weakened by extreme conditions for 1 or 2 months as an intensive skin care treatment. It is also a mask that you can use once or twice a week during the day after your facial scrub and steam bath, during your Spa-at-home moment.

Experience a steam bath for the face

To relax all your senses and unwind during your nightly routine, we definitely indulge in a steam bath with the indispensable Sauna Visage, Herbal Facial Steam Bath tablets. Detoxifying and purifying, this beauty gesture inspired by professional spas takes care of your skin in a natural way, by the simple effect of steam and aromatic plants present in the tablets. As it penetrates the skin, the steam stimulates microcirculation and frees the pores, delivering the purifying benefits of the plant essences. Result: skin is free of impurities and relaxed!

Apply a delicate, moisturizing night cream

And if you don't have a night cream yet, we suggest you adopt one without further delay. Why? Because the skin does not have the same needs during the day as at night, as the principle of Chronobiology teaches us: it protects itself during the day from aggressions and regenerates itself at night. A night cream is therefore a treatment care in its own right to be integrated into your evening routine. It is recommended even more so if you want to fight against the effects of time on your skin. Qiriness accompanies women from the age of 30 with the Active Energy range with day and night actions and with its "Lift" version to be used from the age of 40. Qiriness also offers a night cream dedicated to mature skin (from 50 years old), Caresse Temps Sublime Nuit.

Apply a nourishing oil to your hair

Hair too is entitled to its moment of beauty. At bedtime, consider applying a natural oil to your hair ends (or your entire scalp as needed). Depending on the one you choose, the benefits will be diverse (coconut oil for its nourishing and moisturizing power, argan oil to bring volume elasticity and shine...). As a bonus, opt for a silk pillowcase to maintain the hydration of your face but also the beauty of your hair (limited breakage and hair loss).

Diffuse soothing essential oils

Last step and you will know everything about a successful evening routine: the use of de-stressing essential oils. By choosing your plant oils well, you'll be able to enjoy a quick yet effective sleep, capable of bringing you comfort and energy every night. These naturally derived compounds are perfect for soothing, relaxing and calming. Don't hesitate to ask a health professional for advice if you have any doubts about a product.